How to Write an Effective Joint Press Release That Gets Results and 9 Simple Guidelines for Success

A joint press release is a great way to get the media’s attention and increase traffic to your website. If you have a reputable partner, a joint press release can help to massively increase your company’s exposure.

In this article, we will provide tips and advice on how to create a press release that will capture the attention of reporters and editors.

What Is a Joint Press Release?

A joint press release is when two or more businesses come together to make a media release or statement. Another name for it is a partnership press release. This could be to promote a new partnership, product, or service. It can also be used to announce a change or update that affects both businesses.

By issuing a joint press release, businesses can show that they are united and share the same goals. This can help to build trust and credibility with customers and other stakeholders. These kinds of press releases can also effectively reach a wider audience, as each business typically has its own network of media contacts.

Ultimately, joint press releases are powerful tools for businesses that want to send a strong message to their stakeholders.

Why Do You Need One?

You might want to issue a joint press release for several reasons. As we mentioned, it is a great way to build customer trust and credibility. They can show that you are both committed to the relationship if you are announcing a new partnership.

They can also help you reach a wider audience, as each business will have its own network of media contacts. If you are announcing a change or update, joint press releases can show that you are both on the same page and committed to making the change.

When Should You Issue One?

A joint press release becomes necessary during these situations:

  • You want to announce something significant and impactful, but neither organization can do it alone.
  • You want to show a united front on a controversial or politically-charged issue.
  • You’re both working together on a project, event, or campaign, and joint promotion will amplify your reach.
  • You want to increase brand awareness for both organizations by piggybacking off each other’s networks.
  • You’re announcing a merger, acquisition, or joint venture.

What Should Be Included in One?

A joint press release should be concise, unambiguous, and distributed to the appropriate media outlets. In addition, it should provide essential information about the event or news without being overly long or flowery. It should also be well written, with clear, concise language that is easy for both journalists and the general public to understand.

In addition, the release should be accurate and free of errors. It should be timely, relevant, and interesting to the target audience. The most critical element of this type of press release is the subject line, which should be clear and to the point. The following are additional elements that should be included in a joint press release:

  1. The dateline: This should include the city and state of the joint press release
  2. The lead paragraph: This should be one sentence that summarizes the news
  3. Quotes from representatives of both organizations
  4. Background information on both organizations
  5. They should be formatted as plain text with easy-to-understand sentences.
  6. They should be sent to the media contacts for both organizations
  7. A link to the joint press release on each organization’s website

How to Distribute One?

There are a few different ways to distribute your joint press release. You can use a PR service, submit it to free and paid directories, or hand it out yourself.

Using a PR service will get your joint press release in front of journalists and other key influencers who may be interested in covering your story. If you’re on a tight budget, you can submit them to free directories. This will help increase your visibility and reach a wider audience.

You can also hand out your joint press release yourself if you have the time and resources. This is a great way to get media coverage, but it requires more work. You’ll need to research which media outlets best fit for your story and then reach out to them directly.

No matter how you choose to distribute your joint press release, make sure you do it in a way that will get results. Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to writing one that gets results.

9 Simple Guidelines for a Successful Joint Press Release

A joint press release is a cost-effective way to reach a larger audience and help build company relationships. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when drafting a these. Here are 12 tips for an effective one,

  1. Keep it newsworthy: The whole point of a press release is to share news, so make sure that what you’re writing is actually newsworthy. Experts recommend including something that’s unique, timely, or otherwise interesting.
  2. Choose an attention-grabbing headline: A good headline will make readers want to learn more about what you have to say.
  3. Keep it concise: A press release should be around one page. So get to the point and don’t include any fluff. In a few cases, a press release can be over a page. In such cases,  it’s a good idea to include a “more” tag at the bottom of the first page, so readers can click through if they’re interested.
  4. Stick to the facts: This isn’t the time for marketing spin or opinionated statements. Just give the facts and let the readers make up their own minds.
  5. Include quotes: Quotes from company representatives add credibility and can help readers understand the significance of the news.
  6. Optimize for SEO:  Include relevant keywords in your headline and throughout the press release to help it rank higher in search engines.
  7. Send it to relevant journalists: Don’t just send your press release out into the abyss; target specific journalists who cover your industry or who might be interested in your story.
  8. Promote on social media:  In addition to sending your press release to journalists, make sure to post it on your social media channels. This will help more people see it and can result in some coverage from social media influencers.
  9. Monitor coverage: Once your story is out there, keep an eye on how it’s being received and shared. This will give you valuable feedback for future joint press releases. Google  Alerts is a helpful tool for keeping track of media coverage.

Final Thoughts: Joint Press Release Writing

Joint press releases can be a great way to get your message out there while also strengthening relationships with other businesses. If you’re thinking of issuing a joint release, make sure you keep the following tips in mind.

By planning ahead and putting in the extra effort, you can create a successful joint press release that will help promote your business and increase brand awareness. Do you need the services of an expert for your joint press release? Contact Press Reach today.

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