Stealth Communications metro core network will be improved by Nokia


Nokia (NYSE:NOK)

Stealth Communications metro core network in New York City will be upgraded using Nokia (NYSE:NOK), according to the company.

To create a core router mesh network for Stealth’s multi-tenant building business customers in the city, Nokia’s IP routing solutions, including the 7750 Service Router platforms with FP5 silicon and Deepfield Defender, will be implemented.

A cost-effective edge aggregation and automation for simple deployment and management will be offered by the company’s 7220 Interconnect Router, which SR Linux powers, will offer simple deployment and management for edge aggregation and automation. High-speed services at 100GE and 400GE will be made possible by the solution, along with DDoS defense.

Today, Nokia announced that it was expanding its industrial user equipment range to make it easier for private wireless network connectivity across North America.

Stealth Communications has been offering the fastest and most dependable internet connection to businesses in New York City for almost ten years, according to Shrihari Pandit, President and CEO of Stealth Communications. To meet the upcoming needs of our present and potential clients, we are keen to expand the capacity of our network and offer flexibility. By offering size, dependability, and DDoS security solutions where it is most needed, Nokia is the ideal partner to assist us in doing that.

In the morning, NOK shares were down 1%.

Network across North America

Nokia further announces the expansion of its industrial user equipment line to support private wireless network connectivity in North America.

For businesses, institutions of higher learning, cities, and other organizations, it offers an industrial 5G field router and a dongle that enables IoT connectivity.

Nokia’s (NOKintegrated) CBRS solution with Spectrum Access System and domain proxy prepared the CBRS radio access points for 5G standalone network deployments.

Customers may monitor network and device usage and health for stakeholder reporting by using the new Nokia Connectivity Operations Dashboard.

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