Investors Dumped Meta Stock After Hearing That Trump May Be Allowed to Return to Facebook in 2023.

Meta stock NASDAQ:META

Meta Stock (NASDAQ:META)

Meta stock is down after Nick Clegg, the policy leader at Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META), has stated that former President Donald Trump may return to Facebook when the suspension of his account is lifted in 2023.

Semafor says in a post before the news outlet’s fall launch that Clegg, Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META) president of global affairs, stated that the company will consider its decision by talking to experts, weighing the risk of real-world harm, and acting “proportionally.” Semafor’s post was published before the launch of the news outlet. As a result, Meta stock remained low today.

As Clegg explained, when making a choice that will affect the public sphere, it is essential to proceed with extreme caution. You shouldn’t just toss about your weight like that.

After the riots in the United States Capitol in January 2021, Trump was threatened with bans from most prominent social media platforms. Consequently, a hypothetical return to any platform has significant repercussions in light of Trump’s consideration of a new presidential candidacy in 2024.

Trump’s access to YouTube (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) was temporarily revoked. Still, the site informed him that he would be welcome back once the threat of violence had subsided. Trump’s account, which has a significant number of followers, was permanently suspended by Twitter (NYSE:TWTR), but Elon Musk, who is said to be interested in purchasing the firm, has stated that he would reinstate Trump if he were to do so.

After first appearing to be a temporary suspension in January 2021, Facebook ultimately expelled Donald Trump from its network for an indeterminate period.

Facebook’s Oversight Board, a quasi-independent body, reviewed the restriction on President Trump’s account. In May 2021, the Oversight Board maintained the ban but recommended that the corporation establish a more specific suspension term. After that, Meta stock announced that Trump’s accounts would be locked for two years, with the provision that he would be allowed to return to Facebook and Instagram under specific terms on January 7, 2023.

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