Tesla Inc Wants to Construct “Retro-Futuristic Boats” in an “Ecological Paradise”

Tesla Inc

Elon Musk of Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) is known for shaking things up and has been known to cause difficulties on purpose to spur change. 

He re-established a foothold in space exploration by establishing his own company, SpaceX. This work solidified the concept that surviving on Mars was no longer merely a pipe dream but a real possibility that could be realized. 

The chief executive officer of Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA), the market leader in electric vehicles, accomplished something that most observers considered unthinkable: He almost forced the legacy car manufacturers to accelerate their adoption of EVs to reduce their CO2 emissions and pollute less. [Citation needed] Tesla Inc is the market leader in electric vehicles. 

The wealthiest guy in the world currently has his sights set on even greater success. 

Musk of Tesla Inc: Boardwalk, Bike, Kayak

Musk wants to reimagine the factory so that it may become an integral component of how people live in modern cities. 

He recently announced that he intends to construct an “ecological paradise” on the Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) campus close to Austin. This project, which is aimed at connecting the plant to the city’s central business district, would be open to the public and easily accessible to them. 

One can’t help but wonder if Musk has a utopia located on an island in his mind. According to him, Tesla Inc would construct boats with a “retro-futuristic design” that workers and tourists would use to get to the construction site or the workplace. 

Following the publication of an item on Teslarati stating that Tesla Inc has applied to expand its enormous facility near Austin, which opened on April 7th, the billionaire commented on the topic. 

This plant has the potential to produce 250,000 vehicles per year, and it is now responsible for manufacturing the Model Y SUV/crossover. In addition, production of the much-anticipated Cybertruck will commence at the location starting the following year

According to the document, the automobile manufacturer plans to expand its factory by 500,000 square feet (46,450 square meters). 

Musk stated that the ecological paradise plans for the south portion of Giga Texas to the river look excellent. 

The wealthiest man on the planet then proceeded to provide some additional information regarding this green place, which, when contrasted with the ultramodern offices of the tech titans located in Silicon Valley, is sure to stand out. 

“Area from south Giga to river will be on another level of greatness, and it will be open to the public!” the tycoon went into depth. 

In addition, he stated that “Long-term ambition is a boardwalk with facilities that continues to downtown Austin so that you can walk, ride, or kayak there.” 

On social media, there is both love and mockery. 

The undertaking piqued the curiosity of Musk’s millions of followers on the various social networks, who also provided enthusiastic support. 

“Will you be renting out tesla kayaks?” one Twitter user questioned Musk. 

The billionaire’s response was perhaps miniature electric Tesla Inc boats designed in a Victorian-inspired retrofuturistic style. 

Fans who have already entertained the idea of commuting to work in a Tesla boat found this most recent announcement especially exciting. 

“When I think you’ve said something exciting, you constantly surprise me by saying something even more enjoyable. Lol, “remarked one of the fans. 

Another member of Twitter commented, “Only you can do it!” about Musk. “Only you can do it!” 

On the other hand, the announcement also sparked a flood of jokes. 

One of the users said, “Elon, it is such a lovely idea!” 

Another user made a witty comment: “With elves to serve beverages.” 

“Tesla Model B,” joked one user. 

Some of Tesla’s automobiles have been named, such as the Model S sedan, the Model Y SUV, and the Model X crossover vehicle. 

On the other hand, Musk made it abundantly apparent that this ecological utopia and its cyborg boats are for the foreseeable future. First and foremost, Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) will concentrate on increasing profitability at the Austin factory. 

The billionaire stressed the importance of stabilizing the manufacturing facility’s finances as the first step.


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