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Tesla Inc Shares Value 5 Years Ago is Now Worth Ten Times

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Tesla Inc, an electric car company with its headquarters in Texas, is frequently in the news, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the bad, much to the dismay of investors.  Elon Musk is the company’s founder and chief executive officer. Retail investors are fond of purchasing shares in Tesla, making the company one of the companies that enjoy this status. This essay will examine how Tesla has performed over the previous five years and discuss the company’s achievements and failures.

When broken down into parts, investing in the stock market is relatively straightforward. First, you buy a stake in a company that you believe will grow in value over time. Then, once the value has increased to the point that you deem satisfactory, you sell your share and keep the proceeds from the sale.

Tesla Inc Overview

CEO Elon Musk is a billionaire who also leads the rocket firm SpaceX, having unofficial side employment as a social media provocateur and amateur political commentator. Tesla Inc is a car company that Musk directs, and Musk is also the founder and CEO of SpaceX. Tesla Inc is an automotive manufacturer that specializes in producing electric automobiles. Currently, the company provides four separate models, all of which are driven only by electric motors.

Because they deal directly with customers, this company stands out from most other automakers on the market. The company owns the Tesla Inc store you see at your local mall. In contrast, most auto manufacturers sell their vehicles at wholesale prices to independent dealerships, who then sell the vehicles to retail customers at a profit using the cars they purchased at wholesale prices.

In addition, Tesla Inc manages a network of superchargers and unique charging stations for electric vehicles developed mainly for Tesla users.

Tesla Motors was established in 2003, and 2010, it became public. It is included in the Nasdaq 100, the S&P 100, and the S&P 500, all fundamental stock market indices. It is also traded on the Nasdaq.

As of the close of trade on September 14, 2022, Tesla Inc had a market capitalization of more than $929 billion, and a single share of the company’s stock was worth $302.61.

If you had invested $1,000 in Tesla Inc five years ago, where do you think you would be now?

After reading the following section, you might wish there was a time machine so you could go back to 2017 and buy in Tesla, but since there isn’t one, you’ll have to settle for wishing there was one. On the first of September in 2017, the price of one share of Tesla Inc was $23.69. This same share was priced at $272.58 when trading began on September 1, 2022, representing a price increase of 1,150.61% from its previous closing price. If you had put $1,000 into Tesla on September 1, 2017, and not touched it until September 1, 2022, you would have been able to sell it for $11,506.12, which would have netted you a profit of approximately $10,500.

Nevertheless, that does not tell the whole picture at all. Someone in the circumstance mentioned above truly lost money because they did not sell their investment sooner when they had the opportunity to do so. This is the case, although most of us would have been overjoyed to have made a profit of $10,000 simply by letting our money sit in the market for ten years.

During the past five years, the highest price that Tesla Inc reached was $414.50. That’s an increase of 1,749.68% over the previous year. If you had put $1,000 into an investment on September 1, 2017, and sold it when it reached that high, you would have made $17,496,83. That amounts to total earnings of close to $16,500, plus an additional $6,000 in comparison to holding the shares till the present time.

How to Make Money with Tesla Inc

Recent months have seen a bit of a dip in the stock, likely prompted by Musk’s controversial words and his ongoing court struggle over his abandoned bid to purchase Twitter. Tesla’s rise over the previous five years does not always indicate that it will continue to develop.

If you’re keen on putting money into Tesla Inc right this second, you can do it in many ways. The most direct and time-consuming approach is to open a brokerage account with a company that sells such services online and buy the asset there. You can acquire shares of Tesla Inc at the current market price now from anyone who is seeking to sell it, but there is a possibility that you will be required to pay a charge for the transaction.

Investing in a mutual or exchange-traded fund (ETF) that purchases Tesla Inc shares is yet another strategy that can be utilized. This will enable you to own Tesla while providing built-in diversification for your portfolio. You can even put your money into a fund specializing in the technology or transportation industries, allowing you to put money into Tesla and other businesses like it.

At long last, you can seek the assistance of a financial counselor to invest in Tesla. The actual purchase will be made for you by the advisor (perhaps through a third-party broker), and they will also assist you in developing a strategy around investment.

The Crux of the Matter

If you had put $1,000 into Tesla Inc five years ago, you would have approximately $11,500. Although you cannot guarantee that you will achieve the same returns if you invest now, you still have the opportunity to put money into Tesla in one of three ways: directly or indirectly through a fund or with the assistance of a financial advisor.

Advice for Investors

A financial advisor may assist you in investing your money in the manner of your choosing while also pointing you to the path most beneficial to you. Finding an experienced and qualified financial advisor doesn’t have to be complicated. Using the free tool made available to you by SmartAsset, you can connect with up to three local financial advisors who are providing their services. Before determining which of your potential advisor matches is ideal for you, you can do no-cost interviews with all of them. Get a financial advisor immediately if you’re ready to achieve your goals.


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