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You might want to wager against Jim Cramer, or you might like his predictions. Soon, these ETFs might be accessible. A few exchange-traded funds based on Jim Cramer stock picks could soon be available. Cramer is a veteran Wall Street speaker for Mad Money and a host of Squawk on the Street.

For both the Long Cramer ETF and the Inverse Cramer ETF, Tuttle Capital Management has submitted a prospectus to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (LJIM). Both ETFs will also have active management, and as of right now, expense ratios have not been assigned to them. Additionally, the funds plan to hold 20–25 equally weighted equities of any market capitalization.

Jim Cramer Stock Picks

Cramer Inverse ETF:

The ETF registration states that throughout the trading day, the fund will attempt to sell Cramer’s recommended stocks and broad market positions as publicly declared on Twitter or during his television programs. 

The prospectus states that the ETF will market its suggestions “via derivatives transactions, such as futures, options, or swaps, that produce a negative correlation to those recommendations.” Additionally, the fund will attempt to buy long positions in equities or ETFs that reflect industries that Cramer disapproves of.

The Long Cramer ETF

Contrary to the inverse ETF, this fund is designed to operate. Using his broadcasts and social media posts, Cramer makes investing selections, which LJIM will try to follow and buy. The Fund will also invest in equities or ETFs that reflect industries that Cramer believes are promising. After Wednesday’s two-day fourth-quarter rally on Wall Street was halted, the market’s downward trend continued during Thursday’s premarket trading session.

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