StoneCo doubles profitability and grows revenue by 71% to R$ 2.5 billion in 3Q22

StoneCo doubles profitability and grows revenue by 71% to R$ 2.5 billion in 3Q22

<br /> StoneCo doubles profitability and grows revenue by 71% to R$ 2.5 billion in 3Q22<br />

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R$ 211 million

adjusted EBT up +97% over 2Q22, exceeding guidance by 69%

With net addition of 248,000 MSMB clients in 3Q22, company accelerates its growth and reaches 2.4 million clients, with market share gains in payments



Nov. 17, 2022

/PRNewswire/ — On Thursday (17), StoneCo Ltd. (Nasdaq: STNE) released its 3Q22 financial results showing a strong increase in revenue, acceleration in net addition of clients, market share gains in payments, adjusted profit more than doubling compared to previous quarter, and strong liquidity with a better adjusted net cash.

Net revenue grew 71% year-over-year to

R$ 2.5 billion

, with an 84.1% growth in Financial Services (

R$ 2.1 billion

) and 21.6% in Software (

R$ 366.2 million

). Total client base in payments achieved 2.4 million clients.

“We achieved strong growth with market share gains, accelerated client addition, and had solid evolution in the banking strategy. We continue to evolve consistently, balancing growth and profitability, improving our take rates sequentially”, says Stone CEO,

Thiago Piau

. “Our growth strategy linked to greater discipline in cost and expense efficiencies reflected in consistent improvement in our profitability: we doubled our adjusted profit compared to the last quarter”, he adds.

Adjusted EBT (Earnings Before Taxes) totaled

R$ 211 million

(97% compared to 2Q22), with an EBT margin of 8.4%, a 3.8 percentage points sequential improvement. The result exceeded the

R$ 125 million

guidance by 69%, especially due to adjustments in pricing policy and efficiency gains. Adjusted net income was

R$ 162.5 million

with an Adjusted Net Margin of 6.5% in 3Q22, compared to

R$ 76.5 million

in 2Q22.

Consolidated TPV grew by 24.5% year-on-year to

R$ 93.3 billion

. In MSMBs, TPV grew by 44.7% year over year to

R$ 74.7 billion

and the take rate (revenue/TPV) reached 2.21%, mainly as a result of continuous pricing efforts to offset the higher level of funding costs. The Banking business reached 561 thousand active clients (32.8% higher year-on-year), with average revenue per customer increasing to

R$ 44


R$ 39

in 2Q22.

Stone recently announced transition in the company’s leadership from

Thiago Piau


Pedro Zinner

. “Soon, Pedro will start working with the team and me on this transition. I have a deep trust in Pedro and I am certain that, under his leadership, StoneCo will be prepared to deliver even more robust results in this new phase of the company, which is well positioned for its future growth path. As a partner and on the Board, I will remain 100% committed and I am excited to support Pedro and the team in this new phase”, says Piau.

Q422 revenue growth and profitability outlook

  • Total revenue higher than

    R$ 2.6 billion

    in Q421 (growing at least 38.8% YoY);
  • MSMB TPV between

    R$ 78 billion


    R$ 79 billion


    R$ 74.7 billion

    in 3Q22;
  • Adjusted EBT above

    R$ 250 million


    R$ 211 million

    in 3Q22.

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rt StoneCo doubles profitability and grows revenue by 71% to R$ 2.5 billion in 3Q22

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