Queclink Introduces Future-Ready Industrial Routers at SIDO Lyon

1 10 Queclink Introduces Future-Ready Industrial Routers at SIDO Lyon

SHANGHAI, Sept. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Queclink, a world-leading IoT device and solution provider, has recently participated in SIDO, the premier event for IoT, AI, XR, and robotics technologies. At the event, Queclink exhibited its cutting-edge IoT devices, with a special focus on its revolutionary future-ready industrial routers.

As one of the major competitors in the IoT hardware sector, Queclink is renowned for its telematics devices for more than a decade and has been increasing its presence in new areas such as industrial routers and AI dash cameras in recent years. Earlier this year, the company launched the 4G dual-SIM industrial router, WR200, and later the advanced 5G version that supports both SA and NSA, WR300FG — both of which have garnered good responses on the global market.

The industrial router market is experiencing remarkable growth, driven by the surging adoption of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications across various industries. And industrial routers are playing an increasingly pivotal role in connecting and managing IoT devices in manufacturing plants, utilities, and other industrial settings. Queclink’s ruggedized, IP68-rated waterproof routers are built to withstand the harsh industrial environments. For manufacturers and facilities, they offer a more robust and reliable alternative to typical consumer-grade routers on the market.

Supported by its solid 4G/5G cellular technology and dual SIM card design, Queclink’s industrial routers effectively address the coverage differences among major network operators, enhancing overall network coverage capability. With dependable network connections, these routers ensure uninterrupted connectivity even in the event of a SIM card failure by seamlessly switching to the alternate card, bolstering system stability and reducing maintenance costs.

Security is a paramount consideration for Queclink’s routers. The WR200 and WR300 boast robust security measures, safeguarding critical data and infrastructure during operation. Through advanced encryption protocols and authentication mechanisms, they establish a secure and trusted connection for industrial applications. This ensures confidentiality and protection against unauthorized access, preserving the integrity of sensitive information.

For both the company and the European market, Queclink’s presence at SIDO Lyon this year signifies more than just an extended product portfolio; it’s a testament of the maturity and readiness of Queclink’s routers and many more product lines, offering new options for customers in Europe and around the world.

The event presented an unparalleled opportunity for attendees to explore Queclink’s innovative solutions, engage with their expert team, and discover potential collaboration prospects. By combining cutting-edge technology with their 14 years of industry expertise, Queclink empowers global businesses to thrive in an era of connected devices and unlock the boundless possibilities of a smarter world.

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