All-in-One collaboration tool AFFiNE, fastest growth ever in GitHub history, raises $8M funding round

23 3 All-in-One collaboration tool AFFiNE, fastest growth ever in GitHub history, raises $8M funding round

SINGAPORE, Oct. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — AFFiNE proved that 10k GitHub stars could be obtained in 43 days. The company said today it has raised $8 million in Series Pre-A funding bringing its total value to nearly $40 million.

AFFiNE ( made waves in the SaaS world with its impressive debut on GitHub in August 2022. The launch of its multi-model blocks, which seamlessly integrate text, database, and whiteboard, was a game-changer that immediately caught users’ attention spanning over 100 countries. With its powerful features, AFFiNE confidently promises to revolutionize the way users write, plan, and present their ideas, eliminating the need for toggling between different collaboration tools. AFFiNE is the ultimate all-in-one solution that is set to transform the way people work.

Compared with similar companies, AFFiNE achieved greater popularity in a shorter time. Within 43 days since its first launch, AFFiNE has achieved a staggering 10,000 GitHub Stars, setting a new record for the fastest growth ever achieved on the platform. With the constant release of updated versions, AFFiNE has surpassed 20,000 GitHub Stars, cementing its position as one of the most promising collaborative tools on the market. Additionally, AFFiNE has been featured on GitHub Trending an impressive 28 times in 2022, demonstrating its exceptional potential to the world.

Fastest to obtain 20K stars among benchmark open-source projects

“AFFiNE’s ambitions and hard work never stop. We will release our ultimate platform and engine for web applications including back-end and front-end infrastructure. Small and medium teams can use our platform to release a productivity web app easily.” said by AFFiNE’s founder Jiachen He (, “Mature infrastructure means a lot for the prosperity of an industry. Today, the web industry needs next-gen infra urgently.”

AFFiNE has been proven to be successful by the world-wide users. Now, AFFiNE can share the underlying technical capabilities with all collaborative tools and become the generally accepted developing platform and engine.

AFFiNE is the best practice and joint-development partner of Yjs, which is the most powerful CRDTs framework. AFFiNE will never stop exploring and innovating.

Based on the brilliant performance in various open-source communities, AFFiNE has successfully raised a total of $10 million in funding over three rounds. The Series Pre-A was co- led by Redpoint Ventures, Sinovation Ventures, and CGC Ventures and followed by MiraclePlus (formerly Y Combinator China), with four investors participating.

Recently, AFFiNE announced its new financing plan in a Series A round for product development and commercial operations. The company’s stellar performance in various global open-source platforms has attracted the interest of several renowned investors, who are excited to explore opportunities to invest in AFFiNE.

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rt All-in-One collaboration tool AFFiNE, fastest growth ever in GitHub history, raises $8M funding round

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