Eternalplanet launches its residential energy storage system – EP Cube in Europe

9 Eternalplanet launches its residential energy storage system - EP Cube in Europe

MADRID, Feb. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Eternalplanet is a consumer-oriented independent brand of energy technology under Canadian Solar, a leading provider of solar energy solutions. On February 21 at the Genera 2023: International Energy and Environment Fair held in Spain, Eternalplanet launched EP Cube, a residential energy storage system for the European market.

EP Cube integrates a hybrid inverter and modular batteries, allowing users to manage energy production, consumption, and storage at home in a smart manner. Besides, the system boasts an attractive and compact design, easy installation, customizable storage capacity and remote control. “After the release at the fair in Spain, EP Cube will be available successively in Italy, UK and Germany,” said Eternalplanet GM Andy Yin.

EP Cube

Flexible Expansion of Storage Capacity

With a stackable and modular storage design, the capacity of a single battery module is approximately equal to 3.3kWh, weighing 35kg. This design makes the product easy to transport and install. Each unit can stack with 2-6 battery modules. The whole unit is available in five sizes offering with capacities ranging from 6.6kWh- to 19.9kWh in total. The modules are available in five sizes and can meet various residential energy demands.

Safe and Reliable Battery Technology

Its batteries are made with lithium iron phosphate that which has excellent thermal and chemical stability, and has acquired a series of certificates from IEC. The product is IP65 rated with a ten-year warranty.

Perfect Compatibility

EP Cube integrates a hybrid inverter and supports 2 MPPT connections and max. 16 Amp photovoltaic (PV) DC input. It can also store DC electricity from existing PV systems and the grid. In addition, EP Cube can be connected with max. 7.4kW EV chargers. This strong compatibility will reduce the cost of home rewiring.

APP Smart Monitoring

EP Cube APP allows you to monitor your residence’s energy production, storage, and consumption of your residence remotely. When harsh weather is coming, EP Cube’s APP will remind you to store energy in advance. In addition, it also allows OTA(Over-the-Air) firmware upgrade.

“Using solar power and home energy storage batteries to produce and manage energy is one of the best solutions to realize home energy independence. We hope, in the future, every house can be energy self-sufficient and people can use clean energy for free,” said Eternalplanet GM Andy Yin.

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rt Eternalplanet launches its residential energy storage system - EP Cube in Europe

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