UK, France Insist Russia’s Ukraine Invasion Must Fail as US Aid Wavers

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The UK and France reiterated their commitment on Tuesday to ensure the failure of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, emphasizing the need for Ukraine’s allies to leverage their economic strength against Moscow’s military aggression. UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron, after talks with French counterpart Catherine Colonna in Paris, emphasized that when the combined economies of Ukraine’s Western partners are considered, they surpass the Russian economy by 25 to one or more. Cameron stressed the importance of making this economic strength and commitment count to ensure that Russian President Vladimir Putin loses.

Both Cameron and Colonna did not announce new aid for Ukraine during their statements to reporters. Colonna stated that the two countries are working hand in hand to ensure that Russian aggression is not rewarded and ends in failure.

Meanwhile, in the United States, support for Ukraine faces challenges in domestic politics, with President Joe Biden’s push for billions of dollars in replenished wartime aid stalled in Congress. The European Union and its member states have provided $91 billion in various forms of wartime assistance, but discussions on the next planned lump-sum amount are ongoing.

Cameron affirmed that the UK and France would continue their support for Ukraine for as long as necessary. He likened the conflict to a play with different acts, highlighting the failure of Russia’s initial objectives, Ukraine’s successful counteroffensive in the summer of 2022, and the ongoing challenges in the current phase.

Regarding the Israel-Hamas war, Cameron and Colonna discussed their desire for a sustainable cease-fire. Cameron emphasized the need for Israel to no longer be threatened by Hamas, condemning violence by extremist Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank. Colonna called such violence unacceptable and stated that France is working to assemble European sanctions against these settlers, while the United States has announced travel bans on those involved in recent attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank.

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