U.S. Advance GDP For The 3rd Quarter

Third Quarter Advanced GDP Number

So we just got the third quarter advanced GDP number in the US, which showed an increase of 0.6%, which is nuts considering in the last two quarters we saw decreases in both of them.

And that put us in a technical recession and annualized that number was 2.6% and a lot of people get it confused when they see that 2.6% headline number.

You got to realize that’s annualized divided by four. That’ll give you the quarterly number.

And the thing is, guys, now that we’re back to growth in the third quarter, that goes to show the economy might not be in a deep recession like a lot of people think.

And it’s also a sign that the Fed could still pull off a soft landing, which a lot of people don’t think they can do that.

They don’t think that the Fed could calm inflation while at the same time avoiding a recession.

And if you didn’t know, there’s three versions of the GDP. We have the advanced GDP, which is the first release. Then we have the preliminary. Then we have the final.

So what do you guys think?

Is the Fed going to pull off a soft landing?

Let me know in the comments and make sure to follow along for more.


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