Tesla’s Numbers are out, And It’s Not Looking Great

Tesla’s Earnings Report

So Tesla’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) numbers are out, and they’re honestly not as good as you would’ve thought.

They reported adjusted EPS of $1.05 versus $1.00, which is good, but revenue came in at 21.45 billion, which missed the 21.96 billion estimate.

And revenue’s still up 56% year over year, but the stock is still selling off on the revenue miss for the quarter.

And looking a little bit deeper into that revenue, 17.8 billion came from actual automobile sales.

Leasing revenue came in at about $621 million. And energy generation and storage revenue came in at $1.11 billion.

So a majority of their revenue still comes from them selling cars, whether it’s the Model 3, Model Y, X, Model S, whatever it may be.

And another thing worth mentioning is Q3 total production increased 54% year over year.

And looking at the chart here, you guys can see Tesla’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) holding on to $200 by a thread.

If it breaks 200, we’re probably going a lot lower in the short term.

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