Boeing to Remarket 737 Jets Earmarked for Chinese Airlines

We got some big news out of Boeing (NYSE:BA).

There are about 100 planes right now that have been built and ready to ship to China for a long time before the 737 MAX got actually grounded.

We’re talking about planes that were built back in 2017 and 2018.

So all these planes are ready to go right now, but there are issues between the US and China. Trade relation issues, which has really delayed these planes actually being shipped.

So the Boeing (NYSE:BA) executives they’re like, “What are we going to do with these planes? They’ve been sitting for a couple of years.”

Boeing Begins Remarketing Jets Earmarked for China

They’re now going to actually remarket these planes that were earmarked for Chinese customers and they’re now going to give them to other customers that were actually on the backlog for these 737 MAX’s.

So I’d say this is pretty good news in the short term for Boeing (NYSE:BA). And the stock really isn’t doing much. It was at $141 roughly on Friday.

Now it’s in the mid $140’s. It’s up a little bit, but nothing too substantial.

What do you guys think? Follow along for more.

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