Xpeng Stock Rises in Wake of Launch of the City NGP Pilot Program

XPeng stock

XPeng stock rises to16.02 as of 10:24 AM EDT by Market opening.

Xpeng Stock (NYSE:XPEV)

XPeng (NYSE:XPEV) is the first Chinese automaker to launch high-level Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) functions for challenging urban driving conditions. The firm has launched a City Navigation Guided Pilot program.

In order to provide a 360-degree fusion perception, City NGP integrates an ADAS platform with a multi-modality sensor fusion framework with cameras, LiDAR units, millimeter-wave radars, high-precision positioning units, and other sensor hardware.

The vehicle itself can perform the full range of driving tasks when the program is activated with a predetermined destination, including maintaining an appropriate speed throughout the driving route, changing lanes as a result of navigation or vehicle overtaking decisions, avoiding obstacles or stationary objects, and handling merging or splitting roads. The vehicle can also recognize traffic lights and respond to them, decide when to change lanes, inform the driver, and avoid obstacles thanks to these capabilities.

City NGP, a component of XPILOT 3.5, will initially be made accessible on the XPeng P5 premium edition. Before the program’s features may be used on all access roads, a seven-day familiarization period—and 100 km of driving—is required.

Future XPeng’s flagship G9 SUV, the fourth production model to be formally introduced in China on September 21, will feature the full-scenario ADAS.

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Competitor to Tesla

Xpeng is now testing Xpilot and City NGP with customers in the United States as a response to Tesla’s Full Self Driving Beta. Tesla’s FSD Beta has been tested, and according to CNBC, it is still riddled with bugs and is not yet suitable for a widespread release.

Vice President of Xpeng Charles Zhang stated to CNBC on Monday that the City NGP pilot gets the business “one step closer to full autonomy.” However, before Chinese regulators permit the company to roll out the function over the entire city of Guangzhou, let alone the entire country, Xpeng will probably need to demonstrate the dependability and safety of its system.

In what has grown to be a fiercely competitive market, advanced self-driving technologies have emerged as a significant selling point for the profusion of Chinese electric car manufacturers. Competitors of Xpeng, including Nio and Baidu’s electric vehicle business Jidu, are all working on this technology. Pre-market trading for XPEV shares has increased to16.02 by10:24 AM EDT. 

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