Why Did PANW Stock Rise?


According to one investment bank, PANW stock (NASDAQ:PANW) is especially well positioned to benefit from growing IT infrastructure expenditure.

It was one of just four stocks predicted to do well.

A recent study emphasizes the tremendous potential of the cybersecurity expert’s capabilities.

What Became of PANW Stock?

According to a recent study, the outlook for IT infrastructure stocks is improving. Palo Alto Networks is one company that has benefited from the present industry outlook (PANW). While many stocks fell on Tuesday, PANW stock (NASDAQ:PANW) was one of the few to end the day on a positive. It increased by 0.3% on the day, while the benchmark S&P 500 index fell by 0.2%.

So, what’s the deal?

Meta Marshall, a Morgan Stanley prognosticator, was behind the analysis. She named Palo Alto Networks and its rivals Nutanix, Pure Storage, and F5 Networks as the companies most positioned to gain from rising digital infrastructure expenditure in a new research study released on Tuesday.

Companies, according to Marshall, are heading toward a future in which they will often use a hybrid model, which is a combination of on-site computer infrastructure and cloud-based solutions. Security is a crucial answer for every organization, which is where Palo Alto Networks comes in.

Despite her optimistic assessment of the firm, the analyst cautioned that it confronts significant dangers. She wrote about leadership churn possibly causing sales disruption and delayed customer security solution upgrades.

So, what now?

Nonetheless, the Morgan Stanley research team believes that PANW stock (NASDAQ:PANW) has more potential than downside.

In an update on Monday, Marshall’s colleague Hamza Fodderwala said that discussions with several clients and channel partners revealed a “strong” demand for IT security in the second half of 2022. While expenditure on security solutions should outperform investment on broader IT requirements, this converges on a smaller set of vendors, such as Palo Alto Networks.

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