Walmart Introduces AI-Powered Tools, Including GenAI Search

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Walmart (NYSE:WMT) unveiled two new AI-powered tools at the CES conference in Las Vegas, showcasing efforts to enhance the shopping experience for customers. The first tool, the GenAI search, leverages Microsoft’s AI models combined with Walmart’s shopper data. It allows users to search for products using specific use cases rather than traditional brand names or items. For example, shoppers can input terms like “a football watch party” or “help me plan a unicorn-themed party for my daughter” to receive curated lists of products related to the specified theme. The GenAI search tool is currently available to iOS users and will be rolled out to the website and Android app later this year.

In addition to the GenAI search, Walmart introduced “Walmart InHome Replenishment,” a tool designed for users of its subscription-based InHome delivery service. This tool aims to simplify the process of reordering frequently purchased items by quickly populating online shopping carts with commonly ordered products.

As retailers compete to leverage Generative AI technology, Walmart’s initiatives follow industry trends in deploying AI for consumer-oriented purposes. Amazon, Walmart’s rival, has utilized generative AI tools for ad targeting and quick promotions. Meanwhile, other industries, such as automotive (as demonstrated by Volkswagen at CES), are integrating AI technology into their products.

Walmart also announced the expanded availability of its in-house AI tool, My Assistant, for employees in 11 countries. Additionally, the company introduced an AI and computer vision-enabled service aimed at eliminating the need for manual receipt verification at Sam’s Club stores. Currently in pilot at 10 stores, this technology uses cameras and AI processing in-store exit areas to capture images of shopping carts and verify payment for items, with plans to expand to nearly 600 clubs by the end of the year. The move responds to customer feedback about wait times at store exits being a notable inconvenience.

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