Unusual Call Options Activity Signals Value in Meta Platforms 

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A surge in call options trading for Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META) has caught the attention of investors, underscoring the underlying value of the tech giant. The unusual activity, as revealed in Barchart’s Unusual Stock Options Activity Report on Dec. 6, particularly focuses on the $355 strike price for options expiring on Jan. 12, 2024, with 4,796 contracts changing hands.

The significance of this trading activity becomes apparent when considering the prior outstanding interest at this strike price, which was a mere 120 contracts. This sizable increase, nearly 40 times the existing interest, points to heightened interest or strategic positioning in Meta Platforms.

Adding intrigue to the situation is the fact that the $355 strike price is approximately $34.32 above META’s current stock price of $320.68 per share. This represents a noteworthy 10.7% premium over the spot price and with a relatively short timeframe of just 37 days until expiration.

An Analysis of Premiums and Potential Investor Strategy

The average premium at this strike price is $1.79, suggesting a possible short-sale strategy. This implies that existing investors in META stock might have engaged in a short sale of call premiums against their shares, receiving $1.79 per call contract as income. The immediate yield of 0.5582% for a little over a month implies an annualized expected return of approximately 5.58%.

Interpreting the Move as a Bullish Signal for META Stock

This unconventional options activity is likely viewed as a bullish sign for investors in META stock, and there are compelling reasons for such optimism. Meta Platforms has been generating substantial free cash flow (FCF), exemplified by its impressive 40% FCF margin in the last quarter. If the upcoming Q4 report mirrors the strong results of Q3, there is potential for META to experience a surge in its stock price, especially in the lead-up to the earnings announcement.

Estimates suggest that if Meta Platforms maintains its high FCF levels on growing sales, its free cash flow could reach $56.8 billion in 2024. Utilizing a 5% FCF yield metric could translate to a market cap of $1.136 trillion, a notable 38.9% increase from today’s $817 million market cap. Investors are responding to this growth potential, with META stock potentially rising nearly 39% in the coming year, reaching a target price of $445 per share.

The unusual call options activity, especially that 10% above the current stock price with a one-month expiration, may indicate a strategic move by investors anticipating positive momentum and potential gains in Meta Platforms’ stock value.

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