Uber Stock Down as It Plans to Work With Aurora in Test Hauling Goods With Autonomous Trucks 

Uber Stock

Uber Freight (NYSE:UBER) and Aurora Innovation (NASDAQ:AUR) will add a new commercial route between Fort Worth and El Paso for their autonomous pilot program. 

According to the two experts in autonomous transportation, a 600-mile lane across Texas opened in October and is helping Uber Freight clients get ready for the holidays in 2022.

With Aurora Horizon, which will be put into service for carriers throughout the Uber Freight network in the upcoming years, Aurora and Uber Freight hope to free up autonomous truck capacity for carriers.

Sterling Anderson, Aurora’s Chief Product Officer, stated that the business is developing Aurora Horizon to help carriers of all sizes relieve certain supply chain stresses.  The Chief of Products at Aurora, Sterling Anderson, stated that the business is developing Aurora Horizon to help carriers of all sizes relieve certain supply chain stresses. 

He continued, “Deploying our technology alongside the Uber Freight team during this 600-mile route at the height of the season is an offshoot of our mutual commitment to ensuring that Aurora Horizon can enable carriers of all sizes to securely and effectively move freight year-round on the Uber Freight network.”

Developments Impacting Uber Stock

As one of the first companies to use Uber Freight, Veritiv Corp. (NYSE:VRTV), which makes packaging solutions, has used Aurora Horizon to deliver goods quickly to clients in the retail, education, and healthcare industries. The first and last parts of client deliveries are done by human drivers in western Texas and New Mexico. The shipments are moved over 600 miles between Aurora’s ports in Fort Worth and El Paso.

Werner Enterprises (NASDAQ:WERN), FedEx (NYSE:FDX), and Schneider National (NYSE:SNDR) are currently driving the self-driving trucks that Aurora (NASDAQ:AUR) is testing in Texas. Late in 2024, the company that makes self-driving cars plans to get rid of the driver and start its Aurora Horizon freight service.

Sector watch: On December 1, Tesla delivered its first electric truck to PepsiCo, but during a launch ceremony, the company provided little detail regarding an autonomous program. Although significant information is still missing, such as the payload (the battery may add weight), the available cargo space (the battery may take up space), the vehicle charge time, and battery specifications, Wells Fargo called the unveiling impressive.

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