Twtr Stock Declines as Some Users Can Modify Tweets

Twtr Stock

TWTR stock was trading down at $42.65 at 03:17 PM EDT.

Some users can now modify tweets on Twitter, but not in the United States yet. The ability to edit tweets is now available to some Twitter Blue members, according to a statement made by Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) on Monday. When you change a tweet, a timestamp indicating when the edit was made is displayed. Readers of the tweet can tap the label to examine the tweet’s edit history. Edited tweets will have a small pencil icon next to them when you go through your feed to let people know that the tweet has been changed.

Naturally, Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) posted the news that Twitter Blue subscribers in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have the option to edit their tweets and that the feature will soon be accessible to subscribers in the United States. The decision was made because, up until now, users of Twitter (TWTR) have only been allowed to delete tweets; modifying them has long been one of their most-requested features.

But for typical Twitter (TWTR) users, the ability to modify tweets is still some time off. The ability to edit tweets and other features like ad-free articles are now only available to individuals who pay $4.99 per month in the United States or the equivalent amount in their country for Twitter Blue.

TWTR stock reactions

On Monday, TWTR stock fell by 3%. The company’s stock rose last week after Endeavor Group CEO and talent agent Ari Emanuel urged Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) and Elon Musk to come to an agreement before their October 17 trial on Musk’s attempts to back out of his agreement to acquire Twitter for $44 billion. Elon Musk, the rumored buyer of the social networking business, and Endeavor Group’s (NYSE:EDR) CEO are attempting to reach a resolution. According to Bloomberg, Emanuel recently spoke with Twitter director Egon Durban and proposed that the parties settle their differences before an Oct 17 court appearance.

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