Two of the Best Tech Stocks to Buy.


Investors are quite anxious about the nation entering a recession over the next year or two. This concern is the primary reason why the stock market is down so dramatically in 2022, despite some good unemployment and pay data until midyear. Given this fear, it is probable that the highest gains will go to investors with longer time horizons than the majority of Wall Street. That ability is particularly essential during a weak market when short-term worries dominate headlines.

With that in mind, let’s look at two appealing tech stocks worth keeping during a possibly turbulent time ahead. Continue reading for compelling reasons to invest in Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX -1.08%) and Garmin (NYSE:GRMN -1.23%).

Best Tech Stocks to Buy

1. Netflix Stock

Netflix stock (NASDAQ:NFLX) might be on its way back into Wall Street’s good graces. The shares of the streaming video behemoth dropped during most of 2022 as growth ceased. The competition looks to be taking its toll, as a deluge of popular TV and movie releases failed to attract new customers in the year’s first half.

However, dismissing Netflix today would be a mistake. With its forthcoming earnings report (on October 18), the firm hopes to soon return to growth, and it has many more potential sales lines to pursue. These include video games and a crackdown on tens of millions of shared login accounts. Last week, the firm revealed that a new ad-supported service tier would be available beginning November 3.

In an age of shrinking entertainment expenditures, Netflix’s service may become even more beneficial, particularly with the imminent debut of its ad-supported price tier. And the firm has already strengthened its financial position, having just reached positive cash flow while aiming for many more years of growth in that critical measure.

2. Garmin Stock

Garmin stock (NYSE:GRMN) may not be the first tech stock that comes to mind when considering a recession, but this firm is vulnerable. Consider how cell phones have affected its main vehicle GPS business, although sales have increased in the past six years.

That’s on purpose. Garmin’s portfolio has grown considerably in the previous decade, adding smartwatches and fitness trackers while also delving further into aviation and boat navigation. Consequently, even Apple’s targeting of a significant product category should have little impact on Garmin’s overall growth trajectory.

Garmin’s growth is slowing, and its profitability is declining. A recession would exacerbate both demands. However, the firm has faced brief challenges like these in the past, and each time it has emerged with a better profit profile.

Meanwhile, investors might take advantage of the 40%-plus decrease in the share price to mitigate the risk of investing in the company before a severe recession occurs.

There is no way to predict how any stock will react during a recession. However, with Garmin and Netflix, we have extensive track records to depend on, indicating that the firms will provide good returns regardless of how the economy develops over the next several years.

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