Three Top-Performing Mid-Cap Stocks to Keep an Eye On

Midcaps Targa Resources stocks (NYSE:TRGP), Carlisle Companies stocks (NYSE:CSL), and Steel Dynamics stocks  (NASDAQ:STLD), the three biggest components of the S&P 400 midcap index, all gapped down Friday with the market.

Mid-caps are generally defined as having market capitalizations ranging from $2 billion to $10 billion. However, all three surpass that threshold. Targa and Carlisle have market capitalizations exceeding the $13.1 billion threshold required to be included in the S&P 500 large-cap index. All three are bigger than some S&P 500 parts.

Mid-caps contain features of both large-caps and small-caps in that they are frequently more stable than smaller equities while still having more upside potential than more prominent names.

Targa Stocks

Targa Resources Corp. (NYSE:TRGP) is a Houston-based corporation that processes, sells, stores, and transports natural gas and crude oil. The Permian Basin and other shale-rich locations are where the corporation works. As investors asked, it cut capital investment in 2020, as did many other energy companies. That year, the business lost $7.26 per share, followed by a lower loss in 2021.

The company has beaten its index, gaining 27.30% year to date compared to the S&P 400’s fall of 20.36%. This is largely due to the oil sector’s outperformance this year.

So, what are the future expectations for this stock?

Following last year’s deficit, Wall Street expects profits per share of $4.06 this year. Earnings are predicted to reach $5.53 per share next year, representing a 36% increase.

Of course, it needs to be seen if energy consumption maintains at the predicted levels, but that is true for many industries in a possibly unstable economy right now.

Carlisle Stocks

Mid-cap competitor Carlisle Companies Inc. (NYSE:CSL) is an Arizona-based company that develops and produces brake systems, specialized chemicals, lawn and garden equipment, roofing systems, and aerospace goods.

This stock, too, outperforms its index, with a 2022 return of 13.16 percent. The stock declined 6.14% in the week ending September 23, although it’s too early to understand chart patterns and determine if a company’s correction seems beneficial at this point. The whole market determines this.

Wall Street expects Carlisle to earn $20.29 per share for the entire year, a 115% increase.

Steel Dynamics Stocks

Two competing factors are at work that might have an impact on the Indiana-based maker of flat-rolled structural, rails, bars, and other steel products. First, the work-from-home trend may result in fewer office buildings being built, which depend on the company’s goods.

On the other hand, the newly approved Inflation Reduction Act offers incentives for obtaining local steel and other metal components.

Analysts’ average price objective for the company is $92.71, representing a 32.09% increase.

Steel Dynamics, Inc (NASDAQ:STLD) has outperformed its index with a year-to-date return of 14.18%.

Consider top-performing mid-caps with high prospects and a track record of profitability while compiling your watchlist.

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