Snap Introduces AI Tools for Enhanced AR


Snap Inc. (NYSE:SNAP), the parent company of Snapchat, introduced its latest generative AI technology on Tuesday, designed to deliver more realistic special effects through phone cameras. This development is part of Snap’s strategy to maintain a competitive edge over other social media platforms.

A pioneer in augmented reality, which integrates computerized effects into real-world photos or videos, Snap also announced an updated version of its developer program, Lens Studio. This platform enables artists and developers to create AR features for Snapchat and other websites and apps.

Snapchat users can expect to utilize these advanced AR special effects, known as lenses, in the upcoming months.

Bobby Murphy, Snap’s Chief Technology Officer, explained that the enhanced Lens Studio will significantly cut down the time required to create AR effects, from weeks to mere hours, while enabling the production of more complex work.

“These tools expand the creative possibilities for users and are also user-friendly, allowing even newcomers to quickly create something unique,” Murphy stated in an interview.

The upgraded Lens Studio now features a suite of generative AI tools, including an AI assistant to help developers with questions. Another tool allows artists to input a prompt and automatically generate a three-dimensional image for their AR lens, eliminating the need to create a 3D model from scratch.

Additionally, Snap plans to expand AR experiences to the full body, rather than just facial features. This includes generating new outfits, which is currently a challenging task, Murphy noted.

Featured Image: Megapixl©Solidsdman

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