Paramount Global’s Merger Talks Spark Unusual Options Activity

Paramount Stock

Paramount Global (NASDAQ:PARA) and Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) CEOs, Bob Bakish and David Zazlav, engaged in talks in New York regarding a potential merger between the two media giants. While the market response was relatively subdued on the day after the news broke, Paramount’s options saw heightened activity, with 11 puts or calls exhibiting volume-to-open-interest (Vol/OI) ratios above 1.25. In contrast, WBD had only two notably active options.

This surge in options activity suggests a keen interest from investors in PARA over WBD in anticipation of a potential media consolidation.

Reasons to Consider Investing in Paramount Stock

PARA Has Historically Been in Demand

Paramount has consistently been the subject of merger and acquisition speculation, positioning itself as the target rather than the acquirer due to its smaller size among potential consolidation candidates. Despite its smaller stature, this interest can drive up the acquisition price, a positive prospect for current PARA shareholders.

Recent discussions between Bakish and Zazlav align with industry trends. Zazlav faces the challenge of bolstering subscribers for his Max streaming service, and potential mergers, such as the one explored with Apple TV+ in December, indicate the industry’s pursuit of growth and market share. RedBird Capital and Skydance Media’s rumored interest in Paramount adds another layer to the potential developments.

Analyst Jason Bazinet’s sum-of-the-parts valuation suggests PARA’s shares could be worth $38, a considerable increase from the current $15, reinforcing the notion that Paramount may be undervalued.

Debt Dynamics in a Paramount-Warner Tie-Up

A Paramount-Warner merger faces challenges, particularly concerning debt. Zazlav’s ambitious buyout of Warner Media left Warner Bros. Discovery burdened with $42.3 billion in net debt, a substantial hurdle even after reducing it from $49.0 billion in 2022. Paramount’s net debt is $15.2 billion, making the combined entity’s net debt nearly $60 billion.

The potential dilution of WBD shares in an all-stock transaction is a significant consideration, with Puck News founding partner William Cohan highlighting the strategic and regulatory difficulties such a deal might encounter.

Investment Strategy and Options Consideration

Given the potential for a buyout, investors might find value in PARAMOUNT stock, with analysts projecting a target price well above its current trading level. The 11 unusually active options on Wednesday include the March 15, 2024, $22.50 call as a compelling choice. Priced at $0.45, it represents a modest 2% down payment with a delta of 0.16786, offering the opportunity to double the investment with a 17% increase in stock price.

While uncertainties surrounding the deal and regulatory challenges exist, the risk/reward ratio for investing in PARAMOUNT seems reasonable, especially with the potential for a lucrative outcome if a buyout occurs before March 2024.

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