Nvidia Forges Partnerships with Reliance and Tata to Strengthen its Commitment to AI in India

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U.S. semiconductor company Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) has unveiled strategic collaborations with Indian conglomerates Reliance Industries and Tata Group. These partnerships are aimed at advancing cloud infrastructure, language models, and generative applications in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

Nvidia’s agreements with two of India’s largest business conglomerates signify a significant step in the company’s efforts to establish a strong presence in India’s burgeoning AI landscape. This initiative comes at a time when Nvidia faces certain impediments in exporting chips to China and other countries due to U.S. regulatory restrictions.

During his recent visit to India, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang held discussions with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to explore India’s potential in the AI sector. This meeting took place just ahead of the G20 summit in New Delhi, which saw the participation of prominent delegates, including U.S. President Joe Biden.

In collaboration with Reliance, Nvidia will provide the essential computing power required to construct a cloud-based AI infrastructure platform. Reliance’s subsidiary, Jio, will oversee the management and maintenance of this infrastructure while engaging with customers. Nvidia’s statement mentioned, “Reliance will create AI applications and services for their 450 million Jio (telecom) customers and provide energy-efficient AI infrastructure to scientists, developers, and startups across India.”

India’s leading software services exporter, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), will leverage the Nvidia partnership to develop and process generative AI applications and a supercomputer. Additionally, TCS plans to enhance the skill sets of its 600,000-strong workforce through this collaboration. This partnership is expected to catalyze AI-driven transformations across various Tata Group companies, spanning industries from manufacturing to consumer businesses.

Nvidia holds a dominant position globally in providing computing systems used to power services like ChatGPT, OpenAI’s renowned generative AI chatbot. These AI systems, often referred to as large language models, excel at generating human-like responses based on text prompts.

Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance, who is Asia’s wealthiest individual, has previously emphasized the necessity of robust digital infrastructure in India capable of handling the substantial computational demands of AI. Through this collaboration, Reliance will gain access to the latest iteration of Nvidia’s Grace Hopper Superchip, specialized AI chips optimized for AI inference functions that underpin applications like ChatGPT. This partnership is expected to accelerate key AI initiatives in India, encompassing areas such as chatbots, drug discovery, and climate research.

Neil Shah, a partner at Counterpoint Research, noted the significance of the AI move for Jio, enabling the company to extract valuable insights from the vast amount of data it possesses and expand its service offerings beyond telecommunications. Shah stated, “The AI infrastructure will enable it to provide accurate recommendations and cross-sell products and services across its vast network of clients in retail, telecom, and financial sectors.”

Furthermore, Reuters reported exclusively that Reliance is considering venturing into semiconductor manufacturing in India, further solidifying its commitment to technological innovation and AI development.

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