Nokia Partners with Google Cloud to Accelerate AI Development

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Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) has announced a collaboration with Google Cloud, the cloud platform of Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL), to enhance the development of software solutions with advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI-ML) capabilities. The partnership aims to empower communication service providers (CSPs) by offering a comprehensive suite of data products and services known as AVA Data suite on the Google Cloud platform.

The AVA Data suite includes a range of proven data products that can be readily utilized by CSPs to optimize their network services, especially in the domains of 4G and 5G communications. By leveraging the power of AI, this collaboration brings CSPs closer to achieving zero-touch automation in network management and development.

Nokia’s AVA Data suite builds upon its AVA Open Analytics platform, which simplifies machine learning operations, adopts a data mesh approach, employs cloud-driven architecture, and incorporates zero-trust security measures. Unlike traditional big data systems, which centralize data from various sources into a large data warehouse or data lake, the data mesh approach combines data from disparate sources based on specific business domains such as sales, marketing, and customer service. This approach enhances data extraction, multi-vendor multi-domain data management, and agility in business processes.

Google’s Vertex AI infrastructure plays a crucial role in designing and training AI/ML models using data from Nokia’s AVA Data suite. Additionally, Google Cloud’s BigQuery offers scalable and serverless data storage, serving as both a data source and storage solution for the AVA Data suite.

One of the key benefits of this collaboration is the streamlined data preparation process, thanks to standardized and pre-correlated data products and packages. This efficiency improvement enables data scientists to focus more on developing AI-ML applications, ultimately leading to quicker AI use case deployment.

With the Nokia AVA Data suite and Google Cloud’s capabilities, CSPs and data scientists can accelerate the deployment of AI solutions to enhance network performance, improve the end-user experience, and discover new monetization opportunities.

Nokia is actively working to transform global enterprises into smart virtual networks by creating a unified network for all services, including mobile and fixed broadband, IP routing, and optical networks. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Nokia is at the forefront of enabling seamless transitions to 5G technology, ultra-broadband access, IP and Software Defined Networking, cloud applications, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Despite recent challenges, Nokia maintains a strong portfolio and is well-positioned to capitalize on the ongoing technology cycle. The company’s success in key 5G markets and the growth of its high-capacity AirScale products, which enable rapid upgrades to 5G, are notable achievements.

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