Nio Faces Bearish Sentiment, but Could it Rebound?

NIO Stock

Despite being a standout performer in the post-pandemic equities surge, Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Nio (NYSE:NIO) is experiencing a substantial decline this year, down more than 20% since January. The stock has undergone a 50% correction since August 3, raising concerns among investors.

Nio’s third-quarter earnings report, while showing a 47% year-over-year increase in sales and a 75% jump in deliveries, also revealed challenges. The vehicle margin, though improved from the previous quarter, declined from the year-ago quarter, indicating broader economic pressures and the impact of the electric vehicle sector’s price war on Nio.

The Barchart Technical Opinion indicator rates NIO stock as a 72% strong sell, and the analyst consensus is a moderate buy with a mixed assessment. Despite these concerns, Nio remains a heavily discussed topic among retail investors, and recent gains in stock value suggest a potential speculative rally.

Contrarian investors are closely monitoring unusual options activity, with a particular focus on the Feb 16 ’24 8.00 Call option. Data shows a significant concentration of sold (written) contracts for this call option, indicating a bearish outlook on Nio’s stock performance. The call sellers are betting that NIO will not exceed $8 by the option’s expiration date, allowing them to collect the maximum premium of $128,000.

However, the recent uptick in NIO stock on Monday has increased the delta for the call option, posing a challenge for call writers. The delta represents the sensitivity of the option’s price to changes in the underlying stock’s price. With open interest now standing at 26,126 contracts, there is a significant vulnerability for pessimists if Nio’s stock surpasses $8.

The situation serves as a warning against excessive bearish speculation, and the article suggests that for those bearish on Nio, purchasing put options might be a more sensible approach. Selling call options exposes traders to unlimited liability, and if the stock moves against them, they may face challenges covering their bearish bets.

While acknowledging Nio’s positives, such as leadership in EV technology and a focus on the user experience, the article remains neutral on NIO stock over the intermediate to long term. The competitive landscape and potential pressure on margins contribute to the cautious outlook. Investors are advised to consider their risk tolerance and strategy, especially when dealing with options trading.

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