Meta Stock Slides as Firm Tests New Account Switching, Facebook, and Instagram Navigation


Meta stock today traded at 137.37 as of 03:40 PM EDT on Sept 26

For users to more easily switch between and create new accounts and profiles on its Facebook and Instagram apps, Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META) is developing new techniques. That work aims to improve ties between the apps that the company refers to as its “Family of Apps” (moves foretold as the company changed reporting to focus on the family as well as splitting off VR and more advanced topics into separate reporting).

With a new approach to its Accounts Center, users can easily move between their Facebook and Instagram identities while viewing their alerts for both in one location. IOS, Android, and the Web are currently undergoing global testing.

According to Meta, the new registration and login flow has been made simpler and is presently being tested on mobile devices. As it tests home feeds without a shopping option, Instagram may be signaling yet another shift away from online purchasing. On the test accounts, the tab for shopping has been replaced with a tab for alerts, and it has been demoted to a secondary menu.

Meta Platforms Inc Reduces Staff In Cost-Cutting Push

According to a Meta spokeswoman, “Commerce remains crucial for Instagram as we continue to make it simpler for consumers to discover and shop things throughout the app, from feed, stories, reels, and innovations like live shopping and drops.”

Instagram recently experienced an outage on Thursday that seemed to result in more than 20,000 reports of users having problems accessing the service.

META Stock Forecast

Investing in Meta stock (NASDAQ:META) right now is a highly appealing opportunity. However, it’s not immediately clear why. In reality, I assert that the stock will perform poorly in the near future for three reasons.

The impact of the strong USD on Meta’s Q4 guidance is one issue that few investors are talking about, along with increased competition and overly aggressive investment in unproven ventures. More on expert analysis on the Meta stock on Seeking Alpha

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