Facebook (META Stock) Claims To Have Removed A Chinese-Based Propaganda Effort Aimed Against The Midterm Elections In The United States

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Before the November midterm elections, Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ:META) said on Tuesday that it had thwarted the first known China-based influence campaign that targeted American users with political information.

Facebook (Meta stock) Findings

In a report summarizing its findings, Meta (NASDAQ:META) stated that while the network was modest and did not garner much of a following, it maintained phony profiles across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and competing sites, Instagram.

However, compared to earlier documented Chinese propaganda operations, the discovery indicated a move toward more direct intervention in U.S. internal affairs, the study stated.

Ben Nimmo, the chief of Meta’s global threat intelligence, said during a news conference that the Chinese operations that the company had previously brought down “spoke mostly about America to the globe, particularly in South Asia, not to Americans about themselves.”

Still, the current operation promoted messaging geared at Americans on opposing sides of controversial subjects like abortion and gun rights.

At the briefing, a different Meta officer stated that the organization lacked sufficient proof to identify the Chinese suspects.

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland said at a press conference when asked about Meta’s conclusions that his office was “extremely worried” about intelligence reports of foreign countries interfering in American elections “beginning back some time ago and extending all the way into the present.”

A Twitter spokeswoman said that the firm has removed the accounts and was aware of the details in Meta’s investigation.

According to Meta’s investigation, the bogus Chinese accounts pretended to be liberal and conservative Americans residing in various locations. Since November 2021, they have uploaded political memes and lurked in the comments of postings by famous people.

One account used the hashtag #RubioChildrenKiller to comment on a Facebook post by Republican Senator Marco Rubio, begging him to end gun violence.

According to the investigation, the same network also created bogus profiles that pretended to be individuals in the Czech Republic and criticized the Czech government for its policy toward China.

According to Facebook (Meta Stock), the greatest and most sophisticated Russian-based operation since the start of the crisis in Ukraine was a huge network of over 60 fake news websites, around 4,000 social media accounts, and petitions on websites like Avaaz, a U.S.-based campaign organization.

That organization spent over $100,000 on advertisements pushing pro-Russian messaging, especially targeting users in Germany and people in France, Italy, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

Russian embassies in Europe and Asia occasionally emphasized the subject matter.


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