Intel Enters AI-Powered Automotive Chip Market, Takes on Nvidia and Qualcomm

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Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) has announced its entry into the AI-enabled automotive chip market, challenging rivals Qualcomm and Nvidia by launching automotive versions of its latest AI-enabled chips. In addition, Intel revealed plans to acquire French startup Silicon Mobility, known for designing system-on-a-chip technology and software controlling electric vehicle motors and onboard charging systems.

The move comes as Intel aims to compete in the growing market for semiconductors that will power the future brains of vehicles, with a focus on automated driving technology, upgradeable vehicle system software, and advanced dashboard displays. Chinese automaker Zeekr will be the first to implement Intel’s AI system-on-a-chip, creating an enhanced in-vehicle experience with features like AI voice assistants and video conferencing.

Intel’s automotive system-on-a-chip products will leverage its recently launched AI PC technology, adapted for the durability and performance requirements of vehicles. Despite having supplied chips for infotainment systems in 50 million vehicles, Intel aims to bolster its presence in the automotive market, where Nvidia and Qualcomm have taken the lead.

Intel’s strategy includes offering chips that can be used across automakers’ entire product lines, from entry-level to premium vehicles. The company seeks to differentiate itself by providing scalable solutions, addressing concerns about the scalability and cost of powerful AI chips, such as those offered by Nvidia.

Jack Weast, Intel’s automotive business chief, emphasized the company’s commitment to communicating its success in the automotive sector and highlighted the importance of adaptability. Intel aims to allow automakers to choose the technology for automated driving or other functions without mandating the use of specific chips, providing flexibility and potentially lowering costs for customers.

As the competition intensifies in the electric vehicle market, especially in China, Intel is positioning itself to be a major player in supplying advanced semiconductors for infotainment systems and automated driving technologies. The acquisition of Silicon Mobility and the focus on adaptable chip solutions underscore Intel’s strategic approach to gaining traction in this rapidly evolving automotive landscape.

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