Ford Stock Went Up After Wells Fargo Called It a “Bearish Tactical Idea”

Ford Stock

Ford (NYSE:F)

On Tuesday, Wells Fargo provided Ford (NYSE:F) with a negative rating.

We anticipate several difficulties to Ford’s profitability in the year 2023. According to the statements made by the bank’s analysts, “as a result, we have included Ford on our Tactical Ideas list for Q1-23.” “Pricing pressure is being exerted on us as a direct result of increased lending rates, declining prices for older vehicles, and the normalization of our product mix. There is already evidence to suggest that price headwinds are beginning to materialize.

A group of experts headed by Colin Langan predicted that adjusted EBIT would be disappointing in 2023, with a goal of $6.8 billion in contrast to the consensus estimate of $10.4 billion. It is anticipated that key headwinds, including a growing proportion of lower-margin electric vehicles (EVs), a decreased income from pensions, and increased software and EV investment expenses, would be among the factors that will be exacerbated by union talks and potential supply chain concerns.

As a result of increased competition and the impact of macroeconomic factors on customers, price reductions are also projected until the year 2023.

According to Langan, “There will be an enhanced emphasis on US sales and inventory as a result of the fact that over the last six months, inventory has climbed while sales have stayed flat.” Pricing problems will rise if there is persistent growth in inventory despite stagnant or declining sales.

The stock has been given a continued rating of Underweight, and Langan has set a price objective of $10 for it. Despite this, Ford stock increased by 1.42% on Tuesday.

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