Investigate What Whales Are Doing With Fedex Stock

Fedex Stock

Someone with significant financial resources has taken a bearish position in FedEx stock (NYSE:FDX), and retail traders should be aware.

We observed this today when the large position appeared on the publicly available options history. We don’t know if this is an institution or a wealthy individual. However, when anything significant occurs with FedEx stock (NYSE:FDX), it usually signifies that someone is aware that There is going to be something.

How do we understand what this whale just did, then?

Today, options scanners discovered 33 unusual options trades for FedEx.

This is not typical. The aggregate sentiment of these big-money traders is split between 42% bullish and 57% pessimistic.

Out of all the exotic options we discovered, 24 puts are worth $1,300,019, and 9 calls are worth $415,847.

What is FedEx’s stock price target?

Based on the Volume and Open Interest on these futures, it appears that whales have been targeting a price range of $110.0 to $330.0 for FedEx stock (NYSE:FDX) during the last three months.

Volume and Open Interest Development

In terms of liquidity and interest, the average open interest for FedEx options trades today is 734.87, with a total volume of 11,501.00.

FedEx’s stock prices ranged from $110.0 to $330.0 over the last 30 days.

Where is FedEx Stock?

The volume was 4,895,533, and the cost of FedEx stock (NYSE:FDX) is up 3.44% to $149.93. The RSI indications suggest that the underlying stock (NYSE:FDX) may be oversold. The release of the subsequent earnings report is planned. in 78 days.

What FedEx Stock Experts Say:

Credit Suisse has decided to keep its Outperform rating on FedEx stock (NYSE:FDX), which now has a price target of $236.

Citigroup reduced its rating to Neutral, with a $225 price target.

Loop Capital lowered its action to Hold with a price objective of $202.

UBS has decided to keep its Buy rating on FedEx stock (NYSE:FDX), which now has a price objective of $308.

BMO Capital has decided to keep its Market Perform rating on FedEx stock (NYSE:FDX), which now has a price target of $215.

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