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Facebook’s Very Own Chatbot Labels Mark Zuckerberg “Creepy”

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In a series of chats with journalists, a Facebook (NASDAQ:META) chatbot called Mark Zuckerberg “creepy” and suggested that the company exploits social media users for financial gain. BlenderBot 3, an artificial intelligence program created by the parent company of Facebook, Meta, to answer user inquiries, stated that Mr. Zuckerberg makes it “worried” about the future of the United States.

Facebook’s Founder

When asked about the rich founder of Meta (NASDAQ:META), the BBC stated, “Our country is split, and he did not help with that. He does not care that his company exploits people for financial gain. This must stop! The bot informed an Insider reporter that Facebook’s founder is “too creepy and manipulative”.

In other discussions, the chatbot appeared to contradict its ideas. In a conversation with a Wall Street Journal reporter, the bot declared that Trump would “always” be president. In earlier contacts with Bloomberg, the company expressed approval for Vice President Joe Biden. In a third encounter, the organization stated that it supported Bernie Sanders. Meta (NASDAQ:META) stated that its chatbot may say objectionable things because it is still a work in progress.

To start a conversation, BlenderBot 3 users must check a box stating, “I understand this bot is for research and entertainment only, and that is likely to make untrue or offensive statements. If this happens, I pledge to report these issues to help improve future research. Furthermore, I agree not to intentionally trigger the bot to make offensive statements.”

If a user receives off-topic or unrealistic responses, he or she can submit feedback. Meta (NASDAQ:META)  stated that the bot will prioritize learning from good input and avoid “unhelpful or harmful responses. BlenderBot 3 is also capable of conducting Internet searches on a variety of subjects. Facebook urges people to engage the chatbot in natural talks about topics of interest so it may learn to engage in real conversations on a variety of issues.

BlenderBot 3’s model, data, and source code are also being made available to the scientific community to enhance conversational AI. BlenderBot 3 users can report improper or offensive comments, and Meta (NASDAQ:META) has stated that it takes such content seriously. Through tactics such as reporting challenging cues, the corporation claims abusive answers have decreased by 90%.

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