Bristol Stock Has Signed an Agreement With the Small Company Synthex to Work Together on Selective Protein Cleavers.

Bristol Stock

To develop small molecule targeted protein degrader therapies, public company Bristol (NYSE:BMY) and privately owned biotech SyntheX have signed a cooperation and licensing agreement to work together.

Bristol (NYSE:BMY) will make an upfront payment and investment in SyntheX. The company may earn an additional $550 million in milestone payments and royalties on future product sales.

SyntheX’s platform technologies use genetic engineering to “find functional molecular glues utilizing a pre-specified E3 ligase and a neosubstrate of interest.” This is accomplished by “selecting drugs intracellularly rather than doing in vitro screening,” the business says.

Joint efforts will search for molecular glue breakers.

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On Tuesday, Exelixis (NASDAQ:EXEL) said that, as part of an extended trial partnership and supply contract, it would include the use of a combination of cancer medications from Bristol stock in a phase 1b study testing its inhibitor XL092 for the treatment of cancer.

In an extension of a partnership and supply contract in June of last year, EXEL will finance an early-stage trial named STELLAR-002 to compare XL092 to a combination of BMY’s nivolumab and relatlimab medicines.

According to the terms of the June agreement, BMY stock would also provide a combination of nivolumab with two other cancer medications, ipilimumab and bempegaldesleukin.

STELLAR-002’s dose-escalation part is still enrolling patients and administering doses, according to a statement released by EXEL.

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BMY stock has signed a partnership agreement with the small company SyntheX to develop selective protein cleavage agents.

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