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Blue Hat

TravelerNetwork has a very strong global market presence.

Fujian Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology (NASDAQ:BHAT)

A collaborative agreement was signed between Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology (NASDAQ:BHAT) and Xiamen Traveler Network Technology to market the company’s exclusive games “cute monopoly” and “cute game box” globally.

With more than 15 years of experience, TravelerNetwork is a top distributor in the gaming sector, with teams predominantly located in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

According to the joint operating agreement, TravelerNetwork will have the sole authority to promote and make the two Blue Hat games available to its customers on its platform.

The parties anticipate adding more brand-new video game titles to the agreement in the future.

Excellent product distribution, marketing channels, and cloud technology support services are all that makeup TravelerNetwork’s reputation. According to Blue Hat, they have faith in the combined effort with TravelerNetwork to distribute two of their games. Based on TravelerNetwork’s global paid user base of over 10 million can assist us in expanding into the international gaming market and provide better business results and returns to our investors.

Other news

Shengruihao was purchased back in August by a Blue Hat affiliate called Xiamen Duwei Consulting Management. Shengruihao is an expert in integrated corporate services and product supply chain services. Two “accredited” investors and Blue Hat agreed to a direct stock offering for $3.6 million in July. In total, 1 million common shares would be issued at a price of $3.60 each, which is more than the stock’s most recent close of $2.70. The entertainment technology company stated that it plans to use the net funds for general corporate operations and working capital.

Blue Hat

In China, Blue Hat is a top provider of communication services, IDC business solutions, and AR interactive entertainment games, toys, and instructional products.

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