Apple Agrees to Update iPhone 12 in France Following Radiation Concerns

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Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has consented to provide updates for the iPhone 12 in France, responding to directives from French regulators who raised concerns about the device emitting higher-than-allowed levels of electromagnetic radiation as per European Union standards.

Despite unveiling its latest iPhone generation, Apple staunchly maintains that the iPhone 12 is safe for use. The company asserts that the model has received certifications from various countries worldwide since its launch in 2020. Apple attributes the issue raised by the French government agency responsible for managing wireless communication frequencies to a “specific testing protocol.”

The French regulatory agency reported that the iPhone 12 recently failed one of two electromagnetic wave tests, which could be absorbed by the human body. In response, the French government ordered a suspension of iPhone 12 sales and instructed Apple to release a software update to rectify the situation, or else face a potential recall.

In a statement released on Friday, Apple confirmed that it “will issue a software update for users in France to comply with the protocol specified by French regulators,” without providing further details.

There was the possibility that the French ban on iPhone 12 sales could have expanded to include all 27 EU countries after three months if Apple had refused to issue the necessary updates, and no other government raised objections, according to European Commission spokesperson Sonya Gospodinova.

France’s Minister of Digital Affairs noted that the iPhone 12’s radiation levels remain considerably lower than what scientific studies deem potentially harmful to users. The radiation agency itself acknowledged that its tests do not reflect typical phone usage.

Cellphones have been categorized as possible carcinogens by the World Health Organization’s cancer research division, placing them in the same classification as coffee, diesel emissions, and the pesticide DDT. However, it’s important to note that the radiation emitted by cellphones is incapable of directly damaging DNA and differs from more potent forms of radiation such as X-rays or ultraviolet light. Experts have recommended that individuals concerned about cellphone radiation exposure opt for using earphones or switching to texting as precautionary measures.

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