Abbott Stock: Should Investors Hold or Sell?

Abbott Stock

Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT) presents several new growth opportunities, contributing to its positive momentum and strong growth projection in 2024. Despite facing challenges such as foreign exchange woes and market volatility, Abbott’s stock has gained 17.2% in the past year, outperforming both its industry and the S&P 500 composite.

Robust Performance and Earnings Outlook

Abbott has consistently surpassed earnings estimates in the past four quarters, with an average positive surprise of 3.15%. This track record reflects the company’s resilience and effective management strategies.

Key Drivers

Core Diagnostics Strength: Abbott’s Diagnostics business, particularly its core laboratory diagnostics segment, has witnessed increased demand, driven by routine diagnostics needs in the United States and internationally. The success of the Alinity suite of diagnostics instruments and a broad test menu offering have bolstered organic sales growth in this segment.

Nutrition Sales Recovery: Following setbacks related to product recalls, Abbott’s nutrition business, especially its U.S. infant formula segment, has regained market share. International sales growth, particularly in infant formula products and the PediaSure toddler brand, along with strong performance in adult nutrition brands like Ensure and Glucerna, further support revenue growth.

Diabetes Care Expansion: Abbott’s Diabetes Care business continues to benefit from the growing adoption of its FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitoring system. FreeStyle Libre’s global leadership in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes monitoring, regulatory approvals, and reimbursement milestones contribute to revenue growth in this segment.

Challenges and Concerns

Foreign Exchange Impact: Abbott faces headwinds from foreign exchange fluctuations due to a significant portion of its revenues coming from international markets. The strengthening of currencies like the euro has adversely affected the company’s performance, impacting sales growth.

Macroeconomic Environment: The challenging macroeconomic scenario, compounded by the lingering effects of COVID-19, particularly in the Asia Pacific region, poses risks such as higher raw material costs and broader economic uncertainties. These factors could dampen Abbott’s business prospects in the near term.

Estimate Trends

Despite challenges, the Zacks Consensus Estimate for Abbott’s 2024 earnings and revenues indicates a positive outlook, with expectations of a 4.5% rise in revenues compared to the previous year.


Considering Abbott’s solid growth prospects, consistent performance, and resilience in overcoming challenges, investors should retain their holdings in Abbott’s (NYSE:ABT) stock. While external factors like foreign exchange volatility and macroeconomic uncertainties may pose short-term risks, the company’s diversified business portfolio and strategic initiatives position it well for long-term value creation.

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