3D Systems Introduces a New Venture, Which Will Help Drug Discovery

3D Systems NYSE:DDD

3D Systems (NYSE:DDD)

3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) has just announced the launch of a bioprinting firm that will be wholly owned by the company. The venture will be called Systemic Bio and will be used to expedite the discovery of novel pharmaceuticals that will help reduce or eliminate the need for animal testing.

As the first demonstration of its commitment to Systemic Bio, the 3D printing business will invest $15 million in seeds. It is anticipated that the new organization would broaden 3D Systems’ chances for expansion in the pharmaceuticals industry and provide a new income stream with the potential to reach $100 million yearly over the next five years.

Systemic Bio plans to precisely construct vascularized organ models using the sophisticated bioprinting technology offered by 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD). This will be accomplished by the use of biomaterials as well as human cells. The new company has developed an innovative organ-on-a-chip platform called h-VIOS (human vascularized integrated organ systems), using hydrogels to build complex vasculature. This platform is an organ model that is contained inside a chip. When perfused with any desired drug molecule, the organs-on-chip technology helps in the early phases of developing novel pharmaceutical drugs to research drug metabolism and its effects on healthy or sick tissue. This can be done regardless of whether the tissue is healthy or diseased.

Additionally, to bioprint extremely complex, specifically designed, vascularized tissues for h-VIOS, Systemic Bio will link its bioprinting technologies with the Print to Perfusion method offered by 3D Systems. This combination will make it possible for 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) to create high-resolution scaffolds that exactly replicate human tissues using 3D printing technology. This novel strategy may considerably cut the exorbitant price and extensive time necessary for developing new drugs.

Taci Pereira is going to serve as the leader of Systemic Bio. The price of a share of 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) has fallen by 69.4% during the last year.

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