Veeva Pulse Shows Post-Pandemic HCP Access Nearing 80% in Key Specialties Driven by Digital Engagement

13 5 Veeva Pulse Shows Post-Pandemic HCP Access Nearing 80% in Key Specialties Driven by Digital Engagement

<br /> Veeva Pulse Shows Post-Pandemic HCP Access Nearing 80% in Key Specialties Driven by Digital Engagement<br />

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More than half of accessible HCPs engage via video and in-person

Access is selective as most meet with three companies or less



Nov. 15, 2022

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Veeva Systems

(NYSE: VEEV) today released the latest

Veeva Pulse Field Trends Report

, the largest and most complete analysis of healthcare professional (HCP) access across the biopharma industry. Data show U.S. HCP access now averages 60% across therapeutic areas and is nearing 80% in key specialties, driven by the increasing use of video meetings to complement in-person visits.

These new findings underscore the impact of digital as more than 50% of accessible HCPs now engage via video along with in-person and the addition of video is shown to generate 3x promotional response as well as increased in-person meeting frequency. This combination of reach, channel preference, and effectiveness is even more critical as half of accessible HCPs limit engagement to three companies or less.

“The last few years have pushed us to reevaluate our field force strategy and find better ways of maintaining successful HCP relationships,” said

Kate Greengrove

, head of commercial operations at GSK. “With HCP access back on the rise and in new ways than before, Veeva Pulse proves that digitally-enabled reps create a better experience for customers, are more efficient in educating prescribers, and are better connected to our overall brand strategy through cross-channel engagement.”

Latest Veeva Pulse data show combination of video and in-person meetings maximize field access:

  • Higher access boosted by video meetings:

    Field access now averages 60%, up from roughly 20% during the pandemic. Increased access is driven by the use of video and in-person, preferred by more than half of all accessible HCPs—and is even higher in key specialties like oncology, where 78% of access is via video and in-person.

  • HCPs are more selective:

    Half of accessible HCPs limit their engagement to three or fewer biopharmas. Most oncologists meet with three companies or less and 30% of psychiatrists limit access to just one. In contrast, 70% of immunologists engage with four or more companies.

  • Using video with in-person engagement expands reach:

    HCPs meet with companies more frequently when video is used. In oncology, HCPs engaging through video and in-person meet with reps more than twice as much as reps using in-person only.

  • Highest impact field teams are digitally enabled and maximize time spent with HCPs:

    The most successful field teams host up to 40% more meetings, use content nearly five times as much, and drive up to 80% more new patient starts.

“Veeva Pulse Field Trends Report gives a comprehensive view into HCP access and channel effectiveness industrywide so teams know what actions they can take to strengthen engagement and drive better outcomes,” said

Dan Rizzo

, vice president of Veeva business consulting. “Seeing how access has changed and the impact of digital, companies are rethinking their targeting and channel mix and how to best equip the field to deliver the most relevant, impactful engagement across specialties.”

About the Veeva Pulse Field Trends Report

Analyzing over 600 million HCP interactions and activities annually from more than 80% of commercial biopharma field teams worldwide, the

Veeva Pulse Field Trends Report

is the largest industry benchmark of its kind on HCP engagement. The analysis compiles real-time transactional data recorded in

Veeva CRM

to deliver a view of engagement activity across life sciences. Indexed by Veeva quarterly, the data will help companies effectively and accurately benchmark performance to set the right, actionable goals for continued growth and impact.

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