Veeva Crossix Introduces New Products to Advance Omnichannel Marketing for Life Sciences Brands

Health50 kritiya Veeva Crossix Introduces New Products to Advance Omnichannel Marketing for Life Sciences Brands

<br /> Veeva Crossix Introduces New Products to Advance Omnichannel Marketing for Life Sciences Brands<br />

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Veeva Crossix HCP Trigger Data delivers patient engagement data for field and marketing teams to prioritize outreach to specific healthcare professionals

Veeva Crossix Omnichannel Boost connects direct-to-consumer, healthcare professional, and field campaigns for deeper insights to optimize marketing performance



Sept. 28, 2022

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Veeva Systems

(NYSE: VEEV) today announced two new

Veeva Crossix

solutions to help life sciences companies execute and optimize omnichannel marketing campaigns.



HCP Trigger Data

connects consumers’ engagement with a brand’s website to their healthcare professional (HCP) visits.


Crossix Omnichannel Boo


provides a holistic view of HCP and patient engagement across field and promotional channels.

Marketing and field teams can now leverage these new offerings for more comprehensive, accurate, and actionable insights into patient and HCP touchpoints.

  • HCP Trigger Data

    helps teams maximize field force and marketing activities by prioritizing engagement with HCPs who are discussing a specific brand with their patients. Using privacy-safe patient engagement data, Veeva is the first to provide insight into which HCPs are seeing patients who have recently visited a brand’s website so companies can deliver the timeliest information.

  • Omnichannel Boost

    provides a comprehensive view of marketing performance across brands’ HCP and direct-to-consumer (DTC) touchpoints and connects it to field force engagement. By bringing together data from

    Veeva CRM

    and Veeva Crossix, brands can drive media efficiencies and optimize HCP and patient messaging and frequency across channels.

“As patients and HCPs continue to access health information across different mediums, it’s important for marketers to have a holistic marketing strategy,” said

Sarah Caldwell

, general manager of Veeva Crossix Analytics. “By bringing together data from field activities and DTC and HCP campaigns, marketers gain real-time insights into omnichannel performance, helping to break down organizational silos and deliver key information to customers.”

Veeva Crossix connects the industry’s most comprehensive set of health and consumer data, covering more than 300 million lives in the U.S. By providing privacy-safe patient data and analytics, it helps life sciences brands effectively measure, activate, and optimize complex, cross-channel HCP and DTC media campaigns that fuel better patient outcomes.

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