Health58 realcg Organ donation and transplantation: CLOSE TO 80% OF QUEBECERS WANT SPECIFIC AND COMPREHENSIVE LEGISLATION

MONTREAL, April 18, 2024 /CNW/ – According to a Léger survey conducted for Transplant Québec, more than three in four people favour the adoption, by Québec, of specific and comprehensive legislation governing organ donation and transplantation. At a time when the National Assembly is undertaking a reflection on the means of facilitating organ donation and transplantation across the province, Transplant Québec wanted to learn more about where Quebecers stand on the issue, in conjunction with the start of National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week, which runs from April 21 to 27, 2024.

“Reflecting the concrete needs experienced in the field, we see that there is strong public support for a much-needed organ donation reform, notably through the adoption of specific and comprehensive legislation on the matter. These findings give elected officials a mandate to continue their work and expedite the process of adopting legislation so that more lives can be saved,” said Martine Bouchard, Executive Director of Transplant Québec.

The need for action on several fronts to improve Québec’s performance

In addition to demonstrating significant public support for the adoption of a legislative framework, the survey findings indicate that respondents hold a favourable view of a range of measures being implemented to improve Québec’s performance.

Among the priorities cited by respondents, three stand out:

  • Develop more information, awareness and promotion activities on the subject of organ donation (47%).
  • Establish presumed consent to organ donation (45%).
  • Establish a single window (only one organ donor registry), accessible to all, to confirm consent to organ donation (41%).

Moreover, respondents are of the opinion that the following additional elements must be taken into consideration: School-based training activities should be offered to promote awareness of organ donation among students; an organization responsible and accountable for organ donation must be identified; and organ donation training must be made mandatory for health professionals.

“These data attest to the fact that the organ donation and transplantation process is highly complex, as they show that the public is in favour of a legislative bill containing multiple concrete measures, above and beyond the issue of consent. Drawing on its unique and highly specialized expertise, Transplant Québec has the know-how and the tools to deploy such a reform,” added the organization’s executive director.

Concrete recommendations for improving performance

The survey results directly reflect the 12 recommendations that Transplant Québec tabled before the parliamentary commission held on January 31, 2024. Based on the scientific literature, along with best global practices and opinions from recognized experts, these recommendations revolve around four areas of action: The organization of donation, including its structure, processes and levers, training of health professionals, respect for last wills, and consent.

“Transplant Québec wishes to actively contribute to the work already undertaken by our elected officials. We must contribute, on behalf of all patients awaiting an organ transplant, and for all deceased donors and their families. We have a duty to do better because there is definitely room for improvement,” said Martine Bouchard, the Executive Director of Transplant Québec.

The Léger survey was conducted with 1,000 Quebecers on behalf of Transplant Québec from April 11 to 14, 2024.

About Transplant Québec

The Minister of Health and Social Services has mandated Transplant Québec to save lives and improve the health of persons in need of a transplant by coordinating the organ donation process, ensuring the equitable allocation of organs, supporting best clinical practices through consensus building and the mobilization of its partners, and promoting organ donation in society. Transplant Québec strives to ensure that as many Quebecers as possible who are waiting on an organ can receive a transplant in a timely manner.

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