Xai Partners with Outlier Ventures on Tokenomics Bootcamp To Accelerate Web2 Game Devs Building in Web3

Gaming28 IstockPhoto gorodenkoff Xai Partners with Outlier Ventures on Tokenomics Bootcamp To Accelerate Web2 Game Devs Building in Web3

The Xai Tokenomics Bootcamp is a continuation of Xai’s dedicated efforts to onboard web2 games to the web3 games ecosystem and Outlier Ventures’ deep industry experience, with two titles successfully completing the program’s pilot phase.

GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands, June 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Xai Foundation, core contributor to the gaming-centric blockchain network, Xai, and Outlier Ventures, the global leading Web3 accelerator and investor, today announced the completion of the pilot phase for the Xai Tokenomics Bootcamp with two titles successfully completing the program’s pilot including highly anticipated game, The Lost Glitches. The Xai Tokenomics Bootcamp provides extensive expertise and streamlines the development process of new web3 titles and supports the transition of existing web2 games into a web3 framework.

Xai will support developers joining the Xai Tokenomics Bootcamp with an impressive roadmap of planned game releases on its platform and project funding support to bring developers into the Xai pipeline. Teams can also leverage Outlier Ventures’ deep knowledge, skills and best practice frameworks that the team has developed over multiple years. The Xai Tokenomics Bootcamp will also highlight the core benefits of building in Web3, including game-asset ownership and interoperability, in-game token utilization for a more transparent economy, player rewards and incentive designs, and enhanced security and transactional cost-efficiency.

Part of the issue with building games for web3 is that most developers are coming from web2 roots, with virtually no understanding of how to implement a game on-chain,” said Tobias Batton, Founder and CEO of Ex Populus. “Thanks to the incredible partnership with Outlier Ventures, our Tokenomics Bootcamp can now provide developers who are new to the space with the tools they need to build the next generation of games, directly supporting a steady flow of new web3 games built by some of the best developers in gaming.”

Through utilizing Outlier Ventures’ deep experience and Xai’s expertise, developers joining the Xai Tokenomics Bootcamp range from web2 gaming studio leads new to the web3 industry to developers with extensive experience looking to further accelerate their web3 knowledge and skills to implement token based mechanics into their game designs in less than six weeks.

Xai is at the forefront of web3 gaming and we’ve been very impressed by their growth in the space over the past several months,” said Dimitrios Chatzianagnostou, Head of Investments and Cryptoeconomics at Outlier Ventures. “At Outlier Ventures, we believe that web3 will revolutionise the gaming industry by offering players true ownership of in-game assets, enhanced security and new economic opportunities through blockchain technology. We’re thrilled to partner with Xai to provide our collective expertise and vast industry network to support both web2 developers looking to start building web3 games of the future, as well as seasoned web3 game developers.

For more information about the Xai Tokenenomics Bootcamp, including how studio leads and developers can sign up to attend the program, please visit xai.games

About Xai Foundation

The primary objective of the XAI Foundation is to foster the growth of developers and games within the XAI blockchain ecosystem. This encompasses attracting third-party developers, implementing effective marketing strategies, and offering financing opportunities to web3 game developers. As the custodian of the blockchain and its associated token, the Xai Foundation plays a pivotal role in supporting the integrity of the platform.

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About Outlier Ventures

Founded in 2014, Outlier Ventures is the global leading Web3 accelerator, with a renowned reputation as the go-to authority for Web3 founders, investors and partners.

With a portfolio of over 300 startups from every region of the world across its accelerator program Base Camp and token launch advisory Ascent, Outlier Ventures has helped raise over $350m in seed funding across its various accelerator programs. Outlier Ventures portfolio includes leading Web3 companies including Agoric, Biconomy, Boson Protocol, Brave, Cheqd, Cudos, DIA Data, Fetch.ai, Futureverse, Ocean Protocol, and Secret Network.

Outlier Ventures partners with global industry protocol leaders, including Aptos, Filecoin/IPFS, NEAR, Polkadot Polygon and Wormhole, along with leading global brands to design bespoke programs by its team of experts that help refine business strategy, product-market fit, community growth, token design and governance as well as investor and mentor networks.

For more information visit https://outlierventures.io/

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rt Xai Partners with Outlier Ventures on Tokenomics Bootcamp To Accelerate Web2 Game Devs Building in Web3

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