Stardock Releases the Galactic Civilizations IV: v2.2 Ethnology Update

Gaming56 Rangizzz Stardock Releases the Galactic Civilizations IV: v2.2 Ethnology Update

Major update gives each civilization and custom civilization far more uniqueness and lore

PLYMOUTH, Mich., Dec. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Stardock Entertainment released its much-anticipated update to its newest space strategy game, Galactic Civilizations IV today.

Dubbed “The Ethnology Update”, this new version focuses on making different civilizations feel more distinct and unique in both cultural and biological ways.

“Galactic Civilizations has always had to walk the fine line between being an open-universe space sandbox game and a narrative driven space strategy game,” said Brad Wardell, Creative Director at Stardock. “The Ethnology update looks at the different biological and cultural traits of different civilizations and makes available unique planetary improvements, starships, events, etc. For instance, what humans would want to do with their worlds is a very different thing than say a race of sentient crystals.”

Because the Ethnology system works based on civilization traits it means that custom civilizations that have these traits will automatically inherit the unique abilities and planet upgrades making the universe more alive.

The new version also includes:

  • Revamped UI: Intuitive and Player-Friendly. Responding to valuable player feedback, the update introduces a major UI overhaul. The new main screen UI and Fleet Manager make fleet management more intuitive, enhancing the overall user experience and strategic decision-making.
  • Custom Civilizations in Multiplayer. The update introduces the ability to use custom civilizations in multiplayer modes, adding a new layer of strategy and personalization to online gameplay.
  • New Weapon and Defense Components. Ship designers can look forward to an array of new weapon and defense components, allowing for more intricate and interesting ship designs.
  • Lore-Rich Technology Descriptions. Long descriptions for technologies now provide players with the lore behind each advancement, enriching the game’s narrative depth.
  • New Planet Biomes. Players can now encounter dozens of new biomes across different planet classes, making worlds feel more unique and interesting.
  • Updated Graphics Engine. The update features an updated graphics engine with a new light source system, offering a substantial visual upgrade over previous editions.
  • Improved Localization. Localization improvements, especially for Chinese, Russian, German, and French players, ensuring players from around the world can play the version in their native language.

Galactic Civilizations IV is available at a discounted price on Steam and is also available on the Epic Games Store. Visit to learn more.

v2.2 Ethnology Screenshots:

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