Galactic War: Igniting Crypto Gaming’s Evolution With Blockchain-Powered FPS Action

SINGAPORE, Aug. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Traditional gaming has positively impacted billions of young gamers with never-to-forget experiences. Experiences such as competing in offline tournaments, creating online clans, reaching global rankings, connecting with international gamers, and dreaming of making it to the top tiers of e-sports.

The gaming industry has leveled up, and its future prospects are skyrocketing. This is because crypto, blockchain, and NFT technology have inspired a new generation of developers to create more fulfilling experiences that reward gamers with digital assets and ownership over in-game items, identities, and achievements.

Introducing Galactic War: Experience Gaming In The Milky Way

Galactic War is a first-person shooter (FPS) NFT game with AAA graphics that utilizes Unreal Engine 5. The Galactic War game is immersed in the Milky Way, amongst the stars and planets, where players acquire soldiers and compete in gameplay modes such as Deathmatch, Competitive, and Battle Royale. 

In each of these gameplay modes, players can get accustomed to a new universe, showcase their skills, engage in tactics-based games, fight others with survival as the goal, and earn while they play.

Soldiers will embark through four universes, navigate the Galactic War, and buy and earn NFTs along the way. The Galactic War universe has mysterious secrets, creatures, lands, and resources to be explored. 

NFT lovers will be fascinated by the game’s NFT characters, skins, weapons, and planets. Crypto lovers will be fascinated by the Galactic War (GLW) token’s versatility and utility to buy exclusive items. Lastly, FPS lovers will be fascinated by the dense gameplay, outer space battlefields, and competitive fight showdowns.

In the end, powered by blockchain, NFT, and modern-day gaming technology, Galactic War is strategically crafted to drive the evolution of the metaverse and pave the way for integrating VR experiences. Much like the sun itself, the future of gaming is bright.

About Galactic War

Galactic War is a first-person shooter AAA game with top-notch graphic design and multiple choices of gameplay. Galactic War’s mission is to build a game that attracts users through the exploding trend of GameFi.

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rt Galactic War: Igniting Crypto Gaming's Evolution With Blockchain-Powered FPS Action

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