Tuna Expert Huikun Obtains Halal Certification – Diverse Products Enriching Consumer Palates

1 7 Tuna Expert Huikun Obtains Halal Certification - Diverse Products Enriching Consumer Palates

KAOHSIUNG, Nov. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a recent development, Taiwanese tuna expert, Huikun, has been awarded the prestigious “Halal Food Certification Mark” by JAKIM-halal, the highly recognized halal certification body in Malaysia. This accolade further solidifies the quality assurance for Huikun‘s diverse range of tuna products.

Adhering to the core values of “health, safety, and convenience,” Huikun has been committed to providing consumers with fresh, high-quality, and nutrition-rich tuna products. Its product lineup includes frozen cooked tuna, tuna meat sauce packs, tuna curry sauce, and canned tuna pasta sauce.

Halal certification, originating from Islamic law, sets strict standards ensuring that products consumed by Muslims do not contain impure elements such as pork, alcohol, or anything deemed unclean. By passing the rigorous assessment from JAKIM-halal, Huikun stands out as one of the globally recognized halal food brands.

Huikun‘s range of tuna products fully complies with halal standards. Whether it’s the exclusive tuna curry sauce or the tuna pasta sauce, all products are handmade with no artificial sweeteners, preserving the distinctive flavor of tuna while offering consumers a healthy and delicious choice.

Huikun‘s founder, Hsueh Mei, Yang, expressed that, despite delays in the halal certification process due to the pandemic, preventing the continuation of the 2019 certification application, obtaining the halal certification is a recognition of Huikun‘s consistent commitment to quality. This achievement allows more consumers to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with savoring fresh and delicious tuna products. Reflecting on the founding purpose of Huikun, Snow Mei, being the daughter of a captain, intimately understands the deliciousness and nutritional benefits of tuna. Through Huikun‘s dedication, she aims to make the delightful taste of tuna conveniently accessible to everyone.

The brand slogan of Huikun, “Exclusive Gift – Instant Delicacy,” embodies the idea of enjoying the sea breeze through food, treating taste buds to an oceanic journey, and welcoming family with a heart full of hospitality — ensuring every bite is filled with the essence of tuna.

Mei recalled the brand’s inception, driven by the desire to make fish easily accessible to everyone, especially in the fast-paced modern lifestyle where cooking at home becomes a challenge. The diverse product line, including tuna meat sauce and tuna pasta sauce, has been met with acclaim from a wide audience.

Huikun‘s outstanding quality has consistently earned invitations to shine on the international stage. In August, Huikun proudly participated in the Taiwan Expo in Malaysia, showcasing our products in the dedicated Halal Pavilion. September witnessed our presence at the Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS), capturing the attention of potential buyers. In late October, we spread our wings to Singapore for the “Taiwan Good Food Day” event hosted by Prime Supermarket. Wherever we went, we attracted numerous buyers who eagerly inquired about our products, receiving enthusiastic responses.

The halal certification not only offers more choices to Muslim consumers but also allows non-Muslim consumers to enjoy a broader range of healthy food options. Looking ahead, Huikun remains dedicated to continuous research and development, aiming to enrich consumers’ palates with a variety of tuna products and solidify its position as a professional brand in the Taiwanese tuna industry.

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rt Tuna Expert Huikun Obtains Halal Certification - Diverse Products Enriching Consumer Palates

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