The most affordable meal kit in the country is back in an exciting new way: to serve up both fun and affordability on the plates of Quebecers!

MONTREAL, Aug. 22, 2023 /CNW/ – Chefs Plate, Quebec’s most affordable meal kit, is now officially delivering its quick and easy-to-prepare meal kits to Quebec. Effective immediately, residents throughout the province can receive Chefs Plate meal boxes featuring 24 flavourful and affordable recipes to choose from each week, to make delicious meals from an amazing $2.99 per serving. Affordability has never been so much fun!

Chefs Plate is excited to collaborate with Quebec Tik Tok sensation Antoine Bouchard-Côtes for the launch. It’s safe to say Antoine knows a thing or two about making mealtime anything but boring!

“Chefs Plate recipes are simple, quick and inexpensive. Those who know me know that these are three words that I use very often in my daily life,” said Antoine Bouchard-Côtes “No need to rack my brain when I don’t feel like cooking: I receive my box, the ingredients are there, it’s fresh, all well separated by recipe, and the instructions are easy to understand, especially with the photos!”

Avoid the trip to the grocery store and cook affordable meals in 15 to 30 minutes. Chefs Plate knows Quebecers love their food and with this meal kit service, consumers can save time and enjoy the best part — eating. The Chefs Plate service is straightforward and highly convenient – customers visit to choose their delivery date and select their meals for the upcoming week: vegetarian, family-oriented or meats and vegetables based. Kits are packed in boxes to ensure ingredients remain cool and fresh and are delivered directly to customers’ doorsteps each week, depending on the region. Chefs Plate sends you only what you need to make dinner time even easier.

“As grocery prices have soared recently, I know Quebec is looking to find easy meal solutions that have fair, consistent pricing without sacrificing taste,” said Bouchard-Côtes. “I recently made the Italian-Style Beef Bolognese and it really reminded me of my mother’s cooking from when I was younger – but prepared  in 25 minutes.”

Chefs Plate’s Culinary Team develops unique weekly menus. Drawing on years of culinary experience with diverse food backgrounds, the team works to create meals that make Chefs Plate customers select fun and exciting dishes, without breaking a sweat. Exceptionally convenient, the Chefs Plate meal kit offers fresh pre-portioned ingredients, making cooking effortless while also significantly reducing food waste.

About Chefs Plate

As Canada’s Most Affordable meal kit, Chefs Plate offers 24 flavourful and inexpensive recipes each week so you are sure to find something you love in every box. Make life simple by skipping the trip to the grocery store and cook easy, affordable meals in 15 to 30 minutes. Save time and enjoy the best part — eating!

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