SquareX Recognized as ‘Most Promising Startup for Best Overall Performance’ at Cyber Entrepreneurship Summit 2024.

SINGAPORE, May 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — SquareX, with its innovative browser native security solution, was awarded the “Most Promising Startup for Best Overall Performance” at the Cyber Entrepreneurship Summit held at Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco on the same day as the start of RSA. This prestigious event was attended by more than 100 CISOs of NASDAQ-listed companies, including representatives from Marriott, Nordstrom, Notion, Socure, Verily LifeSciences, OpenDoor, Grail, Flex, Elastic, Human Interest, CoreLight, Booking.com, and more.

The full-day in-person master class style event covered various domains of cyber entrepreneurship, including ideating, raising funding, building, marketing, and selling, providing a comprehensive guide for aspiring cyber entrepreneurs. The cyber security community gathered here to not only encourage the next generation security companies that are being built but also to discuss the challenges their organisations were facing in the current threat landscape. 

The afternoon session featured a Cyber Startup Showcase, allowing founders in Silicon Valley and beyond to pitch their startups and products to a panel of distinguished judges: Aaanchal Gupta (CVP at Microsoft), Coleen Coolidge (prev. CISO at Twilio, Segment), and Lakshmi Hanspal (prev. CISO at Amazon, Box, SAP). The competition was intense, with both judges and audience asking thought-provoking and challenging questions after each presentation. These questions aimed to gauge the presenter’s understanding of the market, evaluate the efficacy of the product being pitched, understand the pain-point the startup is addressing and learn more about the credentials of the founder and the founding team.

SquareX’s founder and CEO, Vivek Ramachandran, began his presentation by discussing how attackers have become more sophisticated, employing multi-channel attacks to target multiple employees through various mediums like social media, email, and Slack, often for ransomware attacks. He highlighted the struggles enterprises face, even those equipped with the best Endpoint Security and Secure Web Gateway solutions, in attributing attacks due to zero visibility in the browser and the lack of application context and understanding of user actions at the time of the attack. Vivek further explained that SquareX’s enterprise solution is designed to address these challenges by running in the browser. This allows it to detect multi-layer attacks with a full understanding of browser DOM changes and user interactions by running detection models in the browser, enabling zero-lag detection and mitigation. This approach contains threats upstream before they reach the endpoint device itself.

SquareX Founder, Vivek Ramachandran, responding to judges’ questions at The Startup Showcase event

After the pitch, the judges asked interesting questions to understand the market size, such as, “Since SquareX is focusing only on web-based attacks, what percentage of attacks happening today are web-based?” They also asked multiple questions about how SquareX’s attack attribution and graphs work in real time, the technology behind the immediate mitigation and threat hunting tools provided to enterprises, and other aspects to further understand the product’s efficacy. The audience resonated with the problem presented and the questions asked by the panel. Following the presentation, many CISOs approached Vivek Ramachandran, the founder, to discuss how their enterprises face similar challenges and expressed interest in exploring SquareX’s enterprise solution for their companies.

“We are honored to receive this award and be recognized among such esteemed peers, especially by a panel of judges who have had distinguished careers as CISOs,” said Vivek Ramachandran, founder and CEO of SquareX. “The browser is the most used application today in the enterprise and, unfortunately, also the gateway for most attacks. Our product allows enterprises to detect, mitigate, and threat-hunt web attacks happening to enterprise users in real time,” added Vivek Ramachandran.

SquareX’s recognition as the “Most Promising Startup for Best Overall Performance” underscores its exceptional performance and rapid growth the company has been seeing since its inception just a year back. With over 200,000 users globally, the company unveiled its Enterprise solution at RSA the same day as Entrepreneurship summit and is humbled by the response received for its one of kind attack vectors and threat detection graphs that are a part of its enterprise solution.

For more details on SquareX’s participation at the summit, read their blog post here.

About SquareX: SquareX helps organisations detect, mitigate and threat-hunt web attacks happening against their users in real time. With our innovative browser-native security product, SquareX safeguards enterprise users from a spectrum of web-based threats, encompassing malicious files, websites, scripts, and compromised networks.

Available on the Chrome and Edge stores, the SquareX browser extension has not only been awarded as “featured extension” by Chrome store but has also earned over 200,000 users globally in less than a year.

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rt SquareX Recognized as 'Most Promising Startup for Best Overall Performance' at Cyber Entrepreneurship Summit 2024.

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