Roundhill Investments Announces XDTE and QDTE Distributions for May 24, 2024

NEW YORK, May 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Roundhill Investments, an ETF sponsor focused on innovative financial products, has announced the following weekly ETF distributions for the Roundhill S&P 500 0DTE Covered Call Strategy ETF (XDTE) and the Roundhill N-100 0DTE Covered Call Strategy ETF (QDTE).

Fund Name



Per Share



Per Share ($)




Pay Date



Roundhill S&P 500

0DTE Covered Call

Strategy ETF


0.26 %






Roundhill N-100

0DTE Covered Call

Strategy ETF


0.48 %






Distributions may exceed the Funds’ income and gains for the Funds’ taxable year. Distributions in excess of the Funds’ current and accumulated earnings and profits will be treated as a return of capital.

1 The Distribution Per Share (%) is calculated by dividing the most recent distribution by the fund NAV as of market close on May 17, 2024.

About Roundhill Investments:

Founded in 2018, Roundhill Investments is an SEC-registered investment advisor focused on innovative exchange-traded funds. Roundhill’s suite of ETFs offers unique and differentiated exposures across thematic equity, options income, and trading vehicles. Roundhill offers a depth of ETF knowledge and experience, as the team has collectively launched more than 100+ ETFs including several first-to-market products. To learn more about the company, please visit

Investors should consider the investment objectives, risk, charges and expenses carefully before investing. For a prospectus or summary prospectus with this and other information about the ETF please call 1-877-220-7649 or visit the website at Read the prospectus or summary prospectus carefully before investing. 

All investing involves risk, including the risk of loss of principal. There is no guarantee the investment strategy will be successful. The funds faces numerous risks, including options risk, liquidity risk, market risk, cost of futures investment risk, clearing broker risk, commodity regulatory risk, futures contract risk, active management risk, active market risk, clearing broker risk, credit risk, derivatives risk, legislation and litigation risk, operational risk, trading issues risk, valuation risk and non-diversification risk. For a detailed list of fund risks see the prospectus.

Covered Call Strategy Risk. A covered call strategy involves writing (selling) covered call options in return for the receipt of premiums. The seller of the option gives up the opportunity to benefit from price increases in the underlying instrument above the exercise price of the options, but continues to bear the risk of underlying instrument price declines. The premiums received from the options may not be sufficient to offset any losses sustained from underlying instrument price declines, over time. As a result, the risks associated with writing covered call options may be similar to the risks associated with writing put options. Exchanges may suspend the trading of options during periods of abnormal market volatility. Suspension of trading may mean that an option seller is unable to sell options at a time that may be desirable or advantageous to do.

Flex Options Risk. The Fund will utilize FLEX Options issued and guaranteed for settlement by the Options Clearing Corporation (OCC). In the unlikely event that the OCC becomes insolvent or is otherwise unable to meet its settlement obligations, the Fund could suffer significant losses. Additionally, FLEX Options may be less liquid than standard options. In a less liquid market for the FLEX Options, the Fund may have difficulty closing out certain FLEX Options positions at desired times and prices. The values of FLEX Options do not increase or decrease at the same rate as the reference asset and may vary due to factors other than the price of reference asset.

0DTE Options Risk. The Fund’s use of zero days to expiration, known as “0DTE” options, presents additional risks. Due to the short time until their expiration, 0DTE options are more sensitive to sudden price movements and market volatility than options with more time until expiration. Because of this, the timing of trades utilizing 0DTE options becomes more critical. Although the Fund intends to enter into 0DTE options trades on market open, or shortly thereafter, even a slight delay in the execution of these trades can significantly impact the outcome of the trade. Such options may also suffer from low liquidity, making it more difficult for the Fund to enter into its positions each morning at desired prices. The bid-ask spreads on 0DTE options can be wider than with traditional options, increasing the Fund’s transaction costs and negatively affecting its returns. Additionally, the proliferation of 0DTE options is relatively new and may therefore be subject to rule changes and operational frictions. To the extent that the OCC enacts new rules relating to 0DTE options that make it impractical or impossible for the Fund to utilize 0DTE options to effectuate its investment strategy, it may instead utilize options with the shortest remaining maturity available or it may utilize swap agreements to provide the desired exposure.

Roundhill Financial Inc. serves as the investment advisor. The Funds are distributed by Foreside Fund Services, LLC which is not affiliated with Roundhill Financial Inc., U.S. Bank, or any of their affiliates.

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rt Roundhill Investments Announces XDTE and QDTE Distributions for May 24, 2024

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