Lockerbie & Co. Implements Software Asset Management for Clients to Reduce Risks and Decrease Costs

PASSAIC, N.J., Nov. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Lockerbie & Co., a leader in procurement consulting, is increasing their offering to implement Software Asset Management programs.  In an ongoing effort to streamline operations and enhance cost-efficiency, Lockerbie & Co. proudly announces the successful implementation of robust Software Asset Management (SAM) practices for several of their clients. This strategic move aims to mitigate risks while significantly reducing operational costs associated with software licensing and usage which has been helping their clients grow and scale.

Software Asset Management (SAM) has become a cornerstone for modern businesses aiming to optimize their technological resources effectively. By implementing SAM protocols, Lockerbie & Co. has achieved greater control and transparency over the software inventory of their clients, leading to a notable reduction in potential risks and substantial cost savings.

“We are excited to embrace Software Asset Management as a critical component of our consulting offering,” said Stephanie Lokker, CEO at Lockerbie & Co.. “SAM has allowed us to gain deeper insights into the software usage of our clients, ensuring compliance with licensing agreements while uncovering opportunities for cost reductions.”

Key benefits of implementing SAM with Lockerbie include:

Risk Mitigation: By gaining a comprehensive understanding of software licenses and usage, Lockerbie has minimized the risks associated with non-compliance and unauthorized software usage for our clients. This proactive approach safeguards our clients from potential legal and financial ramifications.

Cost Reduction: SAM practices have led to optimized software procurement, utilization, and license management, resulting in substantial cost reductions. Through the identification of underutilized licenses and elimination of redundant software, Lockerbie has significantly lowered operational expenses for our clients.

Enhanced Efficiency: The streamlined management of software assets has not only reduced complexity but has also improved operational efficiency across departments. Employees now have access to the right tools and licenses, ensuring productivity without unnecessary hurdles.

As Lockerbie & Co. continues to prioritize innovation and operational excellence for our clients, the new service offering of implementing Software Asset Management stands as a testament to the commitment we have to our clients to optimize resource utilization, mitigate risk, and increase fiscal responsibility.

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About Lockerbie & Co.: Lockerbie is a global management consulting firm specializing in end-to-end procurement services with an expertise in software asset management from strategy through implementation of software.

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rt Lockerbie & Co. Implements Software Asset Management for Clients to Reduce Risks and Decrease Costs

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