Mining Industry Recovery and Silver Price Performance Provide Opportunities for World-Class Discoveries

image2 Mining Industry Recovery and Silver Price Performance Provide Opportunities for World-Class Discoveries

As the global population rises, so does the demand for metals. 

The world’s appetite for resources like copper, silver and lithium has continued to increase to keep up with the requirements from advanced tech and clean energy. Demand for many of these metals is far outweighing new supply, and with applications that range from medical equipment, solar energy, and semiconductors, these materials have become invaluable to humanity.

To keep up with this rapid demand, new mining projects are needed imminently to ensure the materials are available.

This has exploration companies, and investors, searching globally for new opportunities, and it seems many are catching on to the clear benefits offered by countries such as Peru.

Peru’s Ministry of Energy and Mines revealed that mining investments amounted to $4.6 billion through November 2022, up from $4.4 billion in 2021. Exploration efforts were particularly notable in 2022, with $383 million invested from January to November, an increase of 33.9% compared to the previous year. 

This flow of capital demonstrates Peru’s significant potential as a mineral-rich country that still remains vastly underexplored. There is a window of opportunity in Peru for exploration companies willing to go off the beaten path. One of those companies, Tier One Silver (TSXV:TSLV) (OTCQB:TSLVF), has already been gaining traction, identifying new high-grade silver mineralization at one of its projects, and the first known copper-nickel district at its other project in Peru.

But despite its advancements in exploration, Tier One Silver, like many other public companies, saw its value impacted significantly by the downturn in the markets last year. This was compounded for the company by Peru’s recent political volatility, which included the president (now, former) staging a coup that resulted in his removal from office.

As unfortunate as this is, Peruvians and those operating businesses in Peru are quite accustomed with political uncertainty. Peru has had six presidents over the last three years, and overall trends indicate that this hasn’t stopped the country’s mining sector from drawing international investment. 

In addition to being the largest gold producer in Latin America, Peru is also the world’s second-largest producer of copper and zinc, and the third-largest in silver. But perhaps most exciting is that Peru has the largest reserves of silver in the world. 

Now, with a flicker of recovery in the markets helping to draw money back into the mining and exploration sectors, the gold price rising 16.9 percent over the past three months, and silver not far behind, it may be Tier One Silver’s time as the company prepares for its next drill program. 

Pursuing World-Class Silver, Copper and Gold Discoveries in Peru

Tier One Silver (TSXV:TSLV) (OTCQB:TSLVF) is a Canada-based company with projects in Peru that represent opportunities for new, large-scale silver, copper and gold discoveries.

In a recently released company video below, Tier One Silver’s President and CEO, Peter Dembicki, and SVP of Exploration, Christian Rios, discuss the potential significance of what they’re tracking at their projects.

“We have two premier projects, both of which provide investors with multiple swings at a discovery,” explained Dembicki.

The company’s Curibaya project, in particular, is developing into a very promising story. 

According to Christian Rios, a renowned geologist directly involved in the discovery of the world-class Santa Ana and Corani silver-lead-zinc deposits in Peru, Curibaya is unique because it contains six kilometers of mineralized corridors with high-grade silver  values that were demonstrated at depth in the company’s first drill program in 2021.

Tier One encountered silver mineralization in excess of 200 grams per tonne (g/t) in approximately 30% of the initial holes drilled. Not to mention Curibaya includes 78 rock samples with values exceeding 1,000 g/t silver.

Not Just a Silver Play

But it’s not just a silver opportunity at Curibaya. The property is on a trend that hosts some of the largest copper mines globally and recent evidence from Tier One Silver’s exploration indicates a large-scale copper porphyry system may be beneath the high-grade silver. 

The company has completed its second phase of exploration, which identified the best silver target on the project to-date for drilling in the next program. During this next phase, Tier One will also test the potential for copper systems that might underlie the precious metals found closer to the surface.

In addition, the company’s Hurricane project has been gaining the attention of investors. The historical drilling results for this site includes 14 meters of 2.6% copper, 311 g/t cobalt, and 0.6% nickel.

“In the investment world, for a junior exploration company to have a Curibaya, that’s enough for a standalone project for any exploration company. So is Hurricane. We have both. Two world-class swings at different commodities. That’s when we say we are truly  unrivaled as far as our potential,” said Dembicki.

For more information on Tier One Silver (TSXV:TSLV) (OTCQB:TSLVF) and its projects, please visit this link or their website.


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Rock grab samples are selective samples by nature and as such are not necessarily representative of mineralization hosted across the property. The rock grab samples represent vein samples that range in width from 5 centimeter to 1 meter and are situated in north-south structural corridors. These veins are an indication of metal budget; however, are not the target themselves. The Company believes that concentrations of precious metal veins can occur along the defined structural corridors and that geologic targets include high-grade veins in excess of 1 meter width, vein stockwork zones, and hydrothermal breccias that could be found through exploratory drilling.

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